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What would you do with £100 in John Lewis vouchers?

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Asstastic Tue 07-Oct-14 09:08:07

A generous housewarming present from MIL. So cannot really spend it on clothes for myself! What household item would you buy with £100 JL vouchers?

PetulaGordino Tue 07-Oct-14 09:17:28

new bed sheets?

a nice lamp (or several)

new pillows or cushions?

is there anything you really need in the new house?

nobutreally Tue 07-Oct-14 09:19:10

We had a similar situation & put it towards this classic

nobutreally Tue 07-Oct-14 09:19:35

Although not in burgundy!

Asstastic Tue 07-Oct-14 11:07:53

There's nothing we particularly need. I'd like something beautiful and decorative..

Lovage Tue 07-Oct-14 20:48:08

A nice mirror? Mirrors make rooms look bigger and lighter, which is generally useful. JL do a nice range. Or an amazing lightshade? I'd love to not always be buying those paper ones or Ikea ones!

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 12-Oct-14 18:26:11

A new light fitting.

Lagoonablue Mon 13-Oct-14 19:23:42

Nice bedding or towels.

Nice picture or mirror.

Cool cushions.

Put it towards a nice electrical stuff.

Ooh would love £100 to spend in JL.

puffylovett Sun 16-Nov-14 21:14:24

Artwork, ornaments, fabric, cushions, lighting, linen... I could easily add a 0 on the end and blow the whole lot in one go! I love JL

Nanasueathome Sun 16-Nov-14 21:15:26

Try to wait for the sale

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