1st jab Scotland, 2nd England - will Heathrow accept this as double jabbed?

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Wilkolampshade Thu 22-Jul-21 13:50:32

So like many other students, DD had her 1st jab in Scotland and then her 2nd in England as she had subsequently returned home when she finished her studies.
Trouble is, the two NHS systems aren't compatible and each jab only shows in each separate app.
One GP here has suggested she get a paper copy of her vaccine status from her old Scottish GP which her new English GP can then scan and send to something called 'Federated for Health' which then can enter the details into her NHS (England) app.... As this won't get done before she was planning to go away she is wondering if Heathrow will accept the entries as she has them, ie, jab number 1, Scotland on one app, jab number 2, England on the other.
She can only really go if they do as she can't quarantine for 10 days on return due to work.
Does anyone have any experience of this?

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TakeYourFinalPosition Thu 22-Jul-21 14:02:38

I was going to suggest what her GP did - get the records aligned and then get a certificate of vaccination as back up until the apps align…

I think I’d still try that. Logically they should accept the apps independently, but I don’t know how much flexibility they have; and there’s always the chance she’ll get someone who isn’t willing to make any exceptions.

Wilkolampshade Thu 22-Jul-21 14:13:09

Thanks @TakeYourFinalPosition, yes it's a bloody 'mare tbh and it does seem to completely rely on who you get on the day. She requested a vaccination cert from the authorities in Scotland but they've sent it to her old address, which she's now moved out of and they wont send another -somewhat frustratingly.....

I looked up the numbers and there will be around 60,000 students affected like this in the UK. grrrrr.

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Nixg Sun 25-Jul-21 22:57:29

Hi in same predicament. Spoke to Scottish NHS inform - they say they won’t send to a English address only the one her Scottish doctor had for her and to change address with that doctor . Spoke to them and they won’t change address to an English address. Her English jab is called a 1st jab even though it was her second - she’s meant to be doing a year abroad in two months time and two jabs is a requirement !! Almost at point of considering doing a third jab just to get the status!!

Wilkolampshade Mon 26-Jul-21 09:03:47

@Nixg grrrrr! Yes, we've had exactly the same kind of thing. Wish we'd had DD*s second jab listed as her first, then could whizz through and get 'second' (actually third) in a few weeks.but will probably try anyway...

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Nixg Mon 26-Jul-21 10:36:10

just rang 119 to see about getting a covid pass letter ( for those without smartphones) as an alternative to the app pass....really grim news. There is no way of getting any linkage so no proof of two jabs being had! really starting to think DD will have to get a third jab just to go abroad ever again !But of course cant get any info on that - no doctor would sign off on that - and DD doesn't want to do that - but literally how else will she ever go away again? we have slight hope in that she knows the people who are moving into her old Edinburgh apartment ...thin chance the Scottish letter will be there and they can send it on - but even if it is there, will it work , showing Scottish letter and her NHS app which shows her one English jab? Feels like a disaster waiting to happen....

Wilkolampshade Mon 26-Jul-21 13:50:15

@Nixg I know., such a massive bollocks up. Mine doesn't know the new tenants but we're sending a SAE in the hope they will send it down, but it's frankly very unlikely.
Doctor's really unhelpful.
We'll have to try the third jab route, but it puts her in a really shitty situation.
Very best of luck with it. DM me if you find a solution. 🙁

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Nixg Mon 26-Jul-21 13:58:24

Just been on phone to our GP and they were very honest. If you can get proof of Scottish jab it will - more than likely - never link up to the English jab to be recognised on the UK covid pass app. However its useful because you can then scan it into your GP's medical records system and then it will be on her official medical record. They can then write a doctors letter saying you have both vaccinations , (for £22). When you go to airport you could take that letter showing both vaccinations, plus your Scottish certificate and your phone app with your English jab. Not exactly effortless travel ....

Nixg Mon 26-Jul-21 14:00:44

the third jab idea should be okay as they are thinking boosters anyway ...but no doctor or nurse would recommend it ....and it would be three in a short space of time ...When I 'jokingly' suggested it on call to NHS and Scottish NHS and doctor they didnt react in horror.....

Wilkolampshade Mon 26-Jul-21 15:27:08

@Nixg well done, hadn't thought of the doctors letter and DD, who has done most of the phoning so far, wouldn't have thought to ask. I'll get onto it. Xx
This is nuts.

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