Pre travel PCR tests

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freelions Wed 14-Jul-21 16:22:31

Would be really useful if anyone could confirm how long they have had to wait for results from face to face 'fit to fly' covid tests

Seems ridiculous that test cannot be taken longer than 48hrs before flight but testing company says result within 24-48hr from sample reaching lab so if it takes the full 48hrs it will be too late to fly?

We are due to fly to Majorca tomorrow evening. Tests were done for my teen DC this afternoon

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Amboseli Wed 14-Jul-21 16:50:02

Probably not much help to you but LAMP tests have a 2 hour turnaround and are accepted by Majorca. We're going on Saturday and I've got my kids booked in for LAMPS tomorrow.

freelions Wed 14-Jul-21 17:03:16

I thought PCR was required, wish I had known and booked LAMP now

Anyone else recently travelled to Majorca and had to get their teens tested?

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Nootkah Thu 15-Jul-21 13:17:38

Oh my goodness @freelions that's cutting it close! What time is your flight? We've just had my son's PCR test this morning for a saturday am departure. The company I have gone with say they'll get them back by 10pm the following day. I had also seen about LAMP tests, but they only seem to ba available in major cities like Manchester and London.

TheExtraGuineaPig Thu 15-Jul-21 13:29:11

DD had her test this morning for Greece and we are flying Sat morning. We went for the PCR test in case the rules around antigen tests changes. We went for a same day service and it should come through at midnight tonight. Feels very stressful even though we do have a little bit of time

Amboseli Thu 15-Jul-21 13:35:17

LAMPS are available at most airports by Collinson

freelions Thu 15-Jul-21 13:35:51

It's the evening flight that makes things tricky because you can only get the test done on the day before you go and not the day before that or it would be longer than 48hrs before landing

We are still waiting for results and praying they will come thru in time (and be negative!)

Plan B is switch to an early morning flight tomorrow

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JosephineDeBeauharnais Thu 15-Jul-21 13:37:52

I’m going to Majorca tomorrow, had PCR test yesterday 4pm, got results at 10am today.

freelions Thu 15-Jul-21 13:40:30

That is reassuring @JosephineDeBeauharnais

I got confirmation at 7.30pm last night that samples had arrived at lab so there is definitely still hope!

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Nootkah Thu 15-Jul-21 13:52:47

@Amboseli They're really not, unfortunately. Outside of London Airports theyre only available at Manchester and East Midlands airport.

EmmaStone Thu 15-Jul-21 14:17:51

Keeping everything crossed @freelions. The 48hr time limit on a test that takes 48 hrs is frustrating, isn't it?? We fly 6am Tuesday (so land 9:30ish), so will take tests Sunday morning, but because of it being a Sunday, and test centres not open, I'll be driving an hour each way to the lab to make sure the tests get there in time!! And if you drop after 4pm with Zava, it adds an extra 24hrs to their promised 36hr turnaround time 😬. It'll all be worth it when we set foot in Majorca...

Nootkah Thu 15-Jul-21 14:37:23

@freelions @TheExtraGuineaPig @EmmaStone We're all in the same boat! Please do updste this post (and Ill do the same) when the result comes through.

We were tested at 10.30am this morning for an early Sat am flight. Results should be with us by 10pm tomorrow (Friday). We used ExpressTest.

TheExtraGuineaPig Thu 15-Jul-21 15:01:02

I'm not sure how to tag people on the app so sending good vibes and crossed fingers to all of you!!

Very luckily a testing clinic opened up (the Regenerative Clinic) in my local shopping centre - if you test there before 11am then they promise the results by midnight. We had to pay extra but there was only one of testing from the family so it seemed worth it to get the day's grace.

Amboseli Thu 15-Jul-21 15:10:11

Just had the kids tested at Heathrow. 3 hour round trip on the bus while I'm meant to be wfh!

Results within 90 minutes. I've not been this nervous for a long time which is ridiculous really.

Amboseli Thu 15-Jul-21 15:12:05

Good luck everyone! Fingers crossed for us all! I won't start packing until we're definitely in the clear.

Madcats Thu 15-Jul-21 18:31:15

We wanted a pre-flight PCR for my teen so she doesn't need to isolate in Jersey on day of arrival so she has to have had the test within 72 hours.

Boots give you a choice of buying a home kit in their store (you can check availability online), ordering online for home delivery or booking for somebody in store to do it for you.

You post into a priority postbox (we have lots near us) or pay for a courier if it is urgent, so we chose a postbox that we know collects at 4pm. At about 9:30 the next day we had an email to let us know they'd started processing the test and we had the results emailed through at 15:58.

Downloading the certificate was a bit stressful because it initially had a "0" against the result. Fortunately the company answered their phone promptly and said I should refresh my browser (phew, that did the trick).

I would use them again (but I think we'll stay local until case rates plummet here). We've been in imposed lockdown for days.

Amboseli Thu 15-Jul-21 21:38:49

LAMP test results came back in under an hour, both negative! Would definitely recommend collinson at Heathrow.

freelions Thu 15-Jul-21 23:29:01

We made it!

Supremely stressful day waiting for the results. Eventually got them (negative thank god) 5 mins before check in deadline!
Luckily Liverpool Airport very quiet so we got through check in and security and to the gate in under 30 mins

No delays at Palma either, we waited 10 mins max to get through passport control smile

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TheExtraGuineaPig Fri 16-Jul-21 06:37:23

Excellent news @freelions and @Amboseli!

Same for us, DD's result came through last night - also negative, phew! Fingers crossed for everyone else taking the tests.

Time to finish the packing etc, very excited now!

Amboseli Fri 16-Jul-21 10:06:51

@freelions Yes! So pleased for you!

Hope Palma is quiet when we arrive tomorrow morning! We're landing at 11.40am.

Enjoy your well deserved break 😎

Amboseli Fri 16-Jul-21 10:09:42

@TheExtraGuineaPig, yes! What a relief!

I'm properly excited now too! Start packing properly this afternoon, we're leaving for the airport at 5am tomorrow.

I'm thinking of literally taking a ring binder with all our documents!

Watapalava Fri 16-Jul-21 15:46:21

I booked my teens express pcr tests at Manchester airport with randox

Says result is 1-3 hours

Tested this morning at 8:30am
Fit to fly issued 9:45am! Impressed

freelions Fri 16-Jul-21 17:04:42

Fingers crossed for you @Amboseli

Sounds like a good service @Watapalava

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JosephineDeBeauharnais Fri 16-Jul-21 17:42:16

We’re ensconced in our hotel just outside Palma. Arrived on time at lunchtime, no hitches at either end.

Amboseli Fri 16-Jul-21 18:08:02

@JosephineDeBeauharnais glad to hear! Enjoy!

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