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Iamblossom Wed 02-Jan-19 18:46:13

Hi, we are looking to go away next Christmas to Barbados for 2 weeks. Our preference would be to buy our own flights, find a guest house or b&b, hire a car, do our own thing, but tallying it up it seems exorbitant to do it that way. If we went AI it seems cheaper even if we then hire a car and do our own exploring, find some fishing, etc. Had anyone done this?


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Whywonttheyletmeusemyusername Wed 02-Jan-19 18:47:18

Following with interest. Also thinking of AI in Barbados

Iamblossom Wed 02-Jan-19 18:54:09

Hey @whywon’t yeah sounds pretty nice right now to just bigger off for the whole thing doesn’t it. I can’t imagine there would be anything preventing so from doing whatever we want once we are there...and eat out where we want if we want to etc. Even if that means we are paying for food twice it still seems more economical...we are looking at the Dover Beach area. Looking for something different than our usual Greek villa two weeks in August, and with two sons who will be 13 and 15 by then..

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MayCup Wed 02-Jan-19 19:00:31

I was in Barbados last week and will be back tomorrow, it's lovely, definitely somewhere I'll return for a proper holiday.

I went to Carlisle Bay/Beach, I'm not sure where to go tomorrow!

Whywonttheyletmeusemyusername Wed 02-Jan-19 19:59:59

I would love to just leave everything behind at xmas grin I'm not sure when the best time to go is tho...Maycup are there any months to avoid ?

somewhereovertherain Wed 02-Jan-19 20:38:50

We went in January booked flights with Thomas cook and Airbnb for accommodation, car hire wasn’t too bad.

Cost is £3k all in plus food. But as in January

KittyMcKitty Fri 04-Jan-19 23:39:54

We always do AI in Caribbean and hire a car.

Last summer we went to Crystal Cove in Barbados- last minute booking and wasn’t sure what to expect but was whole family’s fave Caribbean holiday (we’ve been to a number of islands). The resort is small compared to many and the staff were really lovely - I would go back there in a heartbeat but wouldn’t necessarily to some far glitzier resorts / islands.

Whole family’s fave thing was an evening catamaran cruise with Cool Runnings - sailing along the coast in the dark was gorgeous.

KittyMcKitty Fri 04-Jan-19 23:42:15

Meant to add I generally book Caribbean holidays via Caribbean Classics - better priced then most others (for same resorts / flights) and great service.

KittyMcKitty Fri 04-Jan-19 23:44:25

Sorry forgot to add you basically need to stay on the Platinum coast part - seaweed currently big problem elsewhere. Also go to Huntes Gardens - most magical place.

CrispsForBreakfast Fri 04-Jan-19 23:56:28

We went as a family of 4 a couple of years ago. We found AL was the best price for us and once there we did our own thing.

I booked trips that were recommend by people on Trip Advisor and other trips we booked when we were at the beach.

Eating out was as cheap or as expensive as you wanted it to be.

We enjoyed the AL on the days we stayed in the hotel.
Have a great time smile

CrispsForBreakfast Sat 05-Jan-19 00:00:39

Kitty. Yes!!! The highlight of our holiday was the catamaran with Cool Runnings. Best trip ever.

KittyMcKitty Sat 05-Jan-19 00:03:46

Wasn’t it great! It was pricey but so worth it - dd still talks about how it is one of her best holiday experiences.

CrispsForBreakfast Sun 06-Jan-19 04:17:03

Kitty. Yes! We danced around the house for months after singing hands on your hips and shake that body/botty for months after.
So much fun

Spanglylycra Mon 07-Jan-19 19:52:12

Used to go regularly haven't been for 5 years. Desperate to go to Crystal Cove. Used to go regularly to Dover Beach but my parents went last year and thought it had gone downhill somewhat. Avoid Time Out at the gap or whatever it is called these days. Southern Palms is nicest in that area but not AI but great spot. Turtle Beach used to be good but has quite mixed reviews these days.

KittyMcKitty Mon 07-Jan-19 20:10:08

Would be worth checking what TripAdvisor is saying about seaweed in the Dover Beach area - I know some southern resorts were badly affected last summer.

Whywonttheyletmeusemyusername Mon 07-Jan-19 20:44:42

So Crystal Cove is looking like a good place?? What is the best time of year to go? Initially I was looking at Xmas, but now not so sure

Spanglylycra Mon 07-Jan-19 21:06:01

Anytime Oct -jun.

July/aug/sept can still be good but officially is hurricane/rainy season.

Oct still slightly wet but quick down pours so over quick and a lot cheaper.

Xmas/jan/Easter most expensive times.

KittyMcKitty Mon 07-Jan-19 21:39:37

Whywonttheyletmeusemyusername we all loved Crystal Cove but resorts are a personal thing - have a look on Trip Advisor.

There were the standard water sports - SAP, Kayaks, Hobie Cats included. Nice bit of beach with some reasonable snorkelling. Food was nice. They do afternoon tea which dd loved! On the right side to watch the sunset! The rooms weren’t as fancy as in some other resorts we’d been to but clean and more then adequate. Staff were lovely.

It’s part of Elegant Hotels who own 4 or 5 resorts and there is a free water taxi between them and a reciprocal arrangement re use of facilities. (We didn’t visit any other resorts). No seaweed (this is a big thing in Barbados at the moment).

The resort runs excursions but equally there are many boats around which will take you turtle spotting etc.

We hired a car - driving v easy.

Resort well situated for sightseeing.

We went in August- arrived in the middle of a thunderstorm which lasted a good few hours but weather otherwise great.

We always go to the Caribbean in August and have always had great weather but we appreciate it’s the wrong time of the year and that our luck will run out one day. August is generally quieter as it’s the off season.

KittyMcKitty Mon 07-Jan-19 21:45:31

Oh and we had turtles laying eggs on the beach (and eggs hatching) which was pretty special!

MakeAHouseAHome Mon 07-Jan-19 21:52:46

AI would be cheaper. Why are you set on Barbados though? I find it the most dated of the carribean.

Whywonttheyletmeusemyusername Mon 07-Jan-19 22:08:52

Thanks Kitty thats really helpful. Dominican was/is diabolical for seaweed also. Not something I want a repeat of tbh

MakeAHouseAHome Mon 07-Jan-19 22:17:55

On the point about the DR, I have been to 5* resorts in Barbados and 5* resorts in the DR. The DR blows it out the water (look at Excellence hotels)

KittyMcKitty Mon 07-Jan-19 22:36:58

MakeAHouseAHome ah but if everyone liked the same thing wouldn’t the world be a dull place smile

The perfect holiday is a very personal thing so I tend to shy away from sweeping statements like that!

I’ve not been to the DR so have no opinion but out of the 5 Caribbean islands I have been to found it the most friendly and welcoming.

Damning a whole country as dated is quite sweeping! Dated is also very subjective. Different people look for different things in a holiday.

KittyMcKitty Mon 07-Jan-19 22:38:02

Sorry not clear I found Barbados the most welcoming.

MakeAHouseAHome Mon 07-Jan-19 22:42:27

Hardly a sweeping statement. It isn't based one one holiday - 6 in Barbados and 4 in the DR. Why post if you weren't looking for opinions?

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