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Do we need binoculars for safari?

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Dawsonforehead Mon 26-Nov-18 07:33:00

Yes I recommend binoculars definitely. Ours weren't expensive, from Argos I think, and they were enough for spotting birds and those elusive leapords in the trees!

wanderlustgirl Mon 26-Nov-18 07:30:49

Lots of safari camps will provide binoculars, I would email them before buying any

CherryPavlova Mon 26-Nov-18 07:25:02

We went on safari in India earlier in the year. We were each given binoculars which were kept in a little box attached to each seat, along with fresh water.

Hermie12 Mon 26-Nov-18 07:22:56

There’s normally 1 set on each vehicle but if you want to purchase a set between you is fine . Hillsnek is fantastic have a great time

OKhitmewithit Mon 26-Nov-18 07:17:12

You won’t want a long look just as well as you are paying for 100% chance to look, but will get a turn 50% of the time. Safari is ALL about looking!

MulderitsmeX Sun 25-Nov-18 22:57:24

One between 2 is fine, unless the lions are hunting you won't want a long look at something in the distance as the drivers will be trying to get close to any action going on.

OKhitmewithit Sat 24-Nov-18 21:27:37

If you see something fleetingly and all you can think about doing is maintaining the death grip on the binoculars as someone is constantly saying ‘let me look, let me look’
Get 1 set each.

Rafflesway Sat 24-Nov-18 16:50:11

We went on safari many years ago 1991 although that was in Kenya.

We took just one pair between the two of us and definitely felt they were an advantage.

Here's an old link from Tripadvisor which may prove useful. It doesn't just deal with Kruger N.P.

user1494670108 Sat 24-Nov-18 08:49:01

We're off to South Africa at Easter doing a three day safari at Hillsnek. Will we need to buy binoculars and if so a pair each (seems extreme), one between two? (I foresee squabbles)

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