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Car choices

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Tubbyinthehottub Thu 05-Jul-18 16:53:41

Two small. Huge cars never have a huge enough boot.

Janek Thu 05-Jul-18 16:42:19

From a cost perspective, it is often cheaper to hire two smaller, cheaper cars than one big one. If yiu want to go out in the evening and drink, i guess the fewer drivers the better, but then if the town is only five minutes away one driver could do the run twice in a small car.

Suzietwo Thu 05-Jul-18 13:49:00

Group of 7 - 4 kids aged 2-8 and 3 adults staying in a self catering house which is very rural. 45 mins to coast and 5 min drive to nearest town in Italy.

2 week stay during which lots of other people will be coming and going with their own cars

Question is......1 big car or 2 small cars for flexibility??

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