Funding if already completed Foundation Degree

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TeslaGirls Mon 20-Apr-20 07:53:11

DD completed her foundation degree last year, and due to her disabilities decided against continuing on to the ‘top up’ year as it meant travelling further and dealing with a new environment and new staff. However, she’s now struggling to find something to occupy her time.

She does have a small part time job (currently furloughed) but is finding that more and more difficult (ASD and epilepsy) resulting in more seizures so realistically I’m not sure how much longer she can continue. She currently receives UC with the highest disability element, as well as enhanced PIP so the money element of any future job isn’t an issue (she’s highly unlikely to manage independent living/working etc) but she doesn’t want to simply stagnate at home.

Could she receive funding if she wanted to study further - either an HND or foundation degree? She’s already had 2 complete years of funding (with UC in the summer break)

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Ginfilledcats Mon 20-Apr-20 07:58:07

I think you only get 4 years funding, so if she's used 2 then will have 2 remaining. I'm not certain though it's been 12 years since I went to uni. Best looking on student finance pages rather than here I think.
Don't know if she'll get special circs due to her conditions too?
Best of luck to her

TeslaGirls Mon 20-Apr-20 08:05:25

Thanks @Ginfilledcats I think it is 4 years funding as well, just not too sure on how/where to check!

Obviously this is all rather up in the air at the moment, and probably won’t be returning to study until 2021 (if at all), just trying to give her something to look forward to smile

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