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repdentow54 Thu 05-Sep-19 17:26:52

Does anyone know if it's really possible to get into a university with only 2 A levels (both are in the languages that DC wants to study and is predicted A* and A in) and an EPQ (prob will get A*/A)?

I am getting mixed answers on the 'net but positive from school although they rule out Oxbridge/top Russell Group. Without actually speaking to admissions (which we are starting to do), I am sceptical.

Any teachers or those with experience of having done this?

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LIZS Thu 05-Sep-19 17:30:35

Seems unlikely for mfl courses of any repute, although take up is declining so maybe. Previous study is not necessarily an advantage at uni entry level , there are plenty of ab initio options. Not all unis accept an epq. Why would your dc not take a third A level?

repdentow54 Thu 05-Sep-19 17:33:13

Thanks LIZS. Did really badly in AS level / doesn't like the subject and is going to have to work so hard to try and get a D even and it could jepordise other subjects. Also school think it is a good idea.

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titchy Thu 05-Sep-19 17:40:15

It depends where you're aiming for. Only having two pretty much rules out all RG I'd have thought, not just top RG. MFL struggles to recruit though, so a D in the weak subject along with Bs in the languages may well yield an offer, whereas two As, and no third AL is less likely to.

If the aim is post-92 then two will be no problem.

Worth phoning though.

marialuisa Thu 05-Sep-19 17:47:00

Your problem will be that few post-92s do MFL. RG go into clearing for some MFL at BBC/BCC for some programmes and I know of some that have taken students with D/e in the other A level if the language grades are A*/A. I’d also keep in mind that getting A*/A is a very tough ask in MFL even for excellent linguists.

repdentow54 Thu 05-Sep-19 17:49:28

Thanks titchy. I was thinking along the lines of post-92 places anyway . It's hard to find this info out on UCAS /which uni.

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repdentow54 Thu 05-Sep-19 17:51:40

Hmmm, hard decision.

Does anyone know about Foundation year entry or taking another A level during gap year as an option?

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LIZS Thu 05-Sep-19 18:09:01

There will be limited options for a mfl foundation year. Would they consider a broader course such Liberal Arts or joint honours? What career path do they have in mind?

Manontry Thu 05-Sep-19 18:10:35

Just take the third a level!!!

Manontry Thu 05-Sep-19 18:11:20

Liberal arts entry requirements arent 2 a levels!

Manontry Thu 05-Sep-19 18:12:09

What was the third a level?

repdentow54 Thu 05-Sep-19 18:15:59

a social science one

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Manontry Thu 05-Sep-19 18:18:00

What? Psychology? Sociology?

Honestly i would not give it up and get a tutor. A C in it with two As would be great.

repdentow54 Thu 05-Sep-19 18:19:29

Psychology. Can you get a tutor in that subject? He's quite clever but absolutely rubbish at Psychology.

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Manontry Thu 05-Sep-19 18:21:58

Yes. I got dd an online tutor via Skype once a week. She got an E in her AS then a C in the actual thing

repdentow54 Thu 05-Sep-19 18:28:05

Can you tell me the name of the agency you used please?

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Manontry Thu 05-Sep-19 18:28:53

I think it was tutor hunt?

repdentow54 Thu 05-Sep-19 18:31:46

ok thanks. I will take a look.

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BubblesBuddy Thu 05-Sep-19 18:53:49

You need to be very careful about dejecting a course with the A levels in the languages and no essay subject. Most quality universities require essays in MFL and not being used to writing essays can be a disadvantage. Either get a tutor for the Psychology or go for an essay subject in one year. I would also look at courses in Clearing. Some universities may not be too choosy but just doing two doesn’t show he can cope with the workload at university.

LIZS Thu 05-Sep-19 18:57:54

MFL A levels do include essay writing , including in the target language and analysis of literature. However would agree a third would add to the skillset.

MarchingFrogs Thu 05-Sep-19 19:15:41

Entry requirements given as UCAS tariff points will often stipulate a minimum of two A levels to be included.

e.g. Portsmouth -

96-112 points to include a minimum of 2 A levels, or equivalent. Students wishing to take two languages require 32 points from an A level in a Modern Foreign Language (^French^, German, Spanish).

So if only 2 A levels, AA - A*×2

The points from an EPQ can be included in the total.

repdentow54 Thu 05-Sep-19 22:47:14

Thanks MarchingFrogs

BubblesBuddy the A levels my DC is doing in MFL require a substantial amount of essay writing, mostly in the target languages.

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BubblesBuddy Fri 06-Sep-19 14:31:38

Yes, but University courses do not require them much at all in the target language! You need to understand what degrees are testing and it is not all about language acquisition. It is culture, literature, art, film, theatre and possibly ancient forms of the language and other elements of study. Therefore an essay A level subject is very valuable.

My DD did a MFL degree and until they do the year abroad, in Y3, they do not write long, detailed, analytical essays in the target language. Even at the very best universities! Do check this out. I am not talking about Portsmouth and ex Polys. Higher quality universities ask for very high level skills in essay writing and analysis of texts etc. It is not dissimilar to an English degree in terms of analysis and quality of writing. Friends of DDhad to have essay eriting skills sessions to get their essays up to scratch, but it is better to avoid this.

stucknoue Fri 06-Sep-19 15:20:18

It is possible to get into a Russell group uni with 2 a levels to do mfl BUT only in exceptional circumstances, in my friends case she is bilingual in another language to that of her a levels. Another option is to do a foundation year. The most likely options will be the mid level universities or ex polys who short on numbers but they will want to see exceptional grades in the 2 a levels and epq, A*'s probably

Cardiffinfo Fri 06-Sep-19 17:33:09

OP, I have PMed you.

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