Student finance as a mature student after dropping out

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user27495824 Thu 29-Aug-19 12:43:03

Hi, hoping someone can help advise me. I dropped out of uni 7 years ago after the first semester of my second year due to hyperemesis causing me to fall really behind. I would like to apply to do a social work degree, but understand I would have to self fund one year because I dropped out during year 2 instead of year 1. Is there any alternative means of funding this upfront? Loans of some sort perhaps? Could I choose which year I self fund or would it have to be the first year? The third year for example may be manageable.

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Stillabitemo Thu 29-Aug-19 17:09:13

It would have to be the first year you fund. There are loans, like future finance but these are usually not the bed idea. If you had to drop out for medical reasons you could contact student finance to see if they’re able to give you an additional year of funding due to extenuating circumstances; you’d have to submit evidence for this.

IAmALazyArse Sat 07-Sep-19 13:14:09

You have to speak to student finance. If you have medical issues documented properly and they were reason you dropped out, you might get the extra year funded. It's not 100%, but it is worth a try. I know someone who got extra year for medical reasons.

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