Any social workers?

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kezkel Sat 09-Mar-19 17:46:17

Hi all,
I have just been offered a place on a fast track social work masters this September. I am really excited and it is definitely what I wanted to do. I was wondering if there are any social workers on here who would mind sharing their experience of being a mental health social worker or could recommend some good books to get me started.
In addition to this I was after people's advice about my situation. I grew up in care from the age of 4 till 18 and because of this still have a social worker through the leaving care team. When I told her that I had secured a place she was skeptical and said she does not think I should do it as she thinks kids who have been in care should not become social workers. I explained that i will be specialising in mental health which she seemed a bit more confident with but still said i should not tell any of the staff had been in care as they will not want to work with me. I was just wondering what other peoples feelings are on this? Although I am specialising in mental health I think i would eventually like to work with young people so just want to know if I should completely be ruling it out. Just to add I have 5 years experience working in social care as a support worker in various settings such as a therapeutic children's home.
Thanks in advance

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Firefretted Thu 04-Apr-19 13:48:26

Think Ahead? I'm on the 2nd year of the programme - ask away! Well done for getting accepted onto a programme :-)

snowflakesnow Thu 04-Apr-19 13:56:30

Hi op

I'm doing a social worker degree at present. Most of my class mates have been from a background of care, had a social worker growing up, are carers or had a history of adversity for example my parents were both addicts.

There's a reason why they want to do social work it's because they understand and want to help others similar. If you have not experience you would not make a good social worker.

Well done for embarking on the course it's worth all the hard work.

Ps I'm doing the 3 year degree so can't give any advice on the fast track

Firefretted Thu 04-Apr-19 14:06:25

Don't worry about having been in care affecting your ability - if anything you'll have more empathy with your service users. It's entirely up to you whether to disclose to your colleagues but I would recommend letting your CSW and tutor know so they can support you appropriately. The work will almost certainly bring stuff up for you which is completely normal but it's important that you're aware of how it affects you and can manage it effectively, to protect both you and your service users.

pilates Thu 02-May-19 08:40:03

How strange, I would have thought you would be in a better position to pursue this type of career.

kezkel Sun 23-Jun-19 13:03:35

@Firefretted Hi I just got my grades for my degree so am definitely starting the course in 3 weeks. Just wondering if you have any advice for placement or summer institute?

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RedHelenB Tue 25-Jun-19 07:19:22

Maybe it might be better to do something in between so its not just care uni social work. Ad others have said though you will be able to empathise and have knowledge of the way social workers write reports etc.

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