Oxford start date 2019?

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PantTwizzler Mon 04-Mar-19 12:31:08

In the hopes that dd gets her grades and goes to Oxford in the autumn, does anyone know when freshers start? I can see term dates on the university website, but do freshers go up a bit earlier? I’ve been invited to something in early October and want to know if I’ll be on taxi duty.

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goodbyestranger Mon 04-Mar-19 13:42:58

Freshers go up on different days according to college, at least in the central areas of Merton St, Turl St etc. If your DD is at a 'stand alone' college then check out the day of the week last year (probably the Sunday evening a week ahead of full term) and it's safe to assume that's the same day this year. UK Freshers go up anywhere between one week and four days ahead of full term.

PantTwizzler Mon 04-Mar-19 14:35:47

Thanks. Not a central college. Full term starts on Sunday 7 October so I'm hoping that I'll be safe to accept an invitation on 5 October... but I feel too bashful/suspicious to actually check with the college.

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SeaToSki Mon 04-Mar-19 14:42:10

There is usually a freshers week, the week before term officially starts. I would hold off on planning anything for the full week before the 7th

PantTwizzler Mon 04-Mar-19 14:58:21

Thanks both. I was brave (!) and phoned the college. Start date is 7 Oct. I read the wrong line on the university website — term starts on 13 Oct.

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