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Tip if their PS isn't generic to every Uni

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ifonly4 Tue 16-Oct-18 15:47:44

DD's personal statement is very tailored to the type of course she'd really like to do, however, there are only three options that tick the boxes.

She wants to use put down five choices on her application and has found another subject she'd also be happy to do. However, her personal statement doesn't fit, so she's phoned three unis she'd be interested in applying to, and it's been a great help.

One has reassured her as they'll ask for an essay in which she can show she's a good candidate for the course.

Another one has agreed to the submission of a second personal statement (as long as it's in within three days of application).

The third is a new course or 2019, she spoke to a couple of people and she got the impression they were totally disorganised which doesn't bode well for a new course, so that's helped her decide between the three and is out of the equation.

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