Doing a medical degree when I already have a BSc. Confused about funding

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Bluepansies Wed 26-Jul-17 15:23:03

Hello I'm hoping for some advice that makes sense because I'm completely confused after going round in circles from University to student finance to careers advisory service!

I completed a BSc ten years ago and I received a loan for the tuition fees and living costs. It was a three year degree course.

I've just called student finance and they've told me that I would only be eligible for a student loan to cover the first year's tuition for a medical degree but I would get a loan for living costs for the full duration of the course. I believe the fifth year of the medical degree is funded also. So that sounds to me as though I will have to find the tuition fees myself for years 2, 3 and 4. However when I spoke to the careers advisory service, they told me that I would have to find the tuition fees myself for the first year and subsequently I would be funded, in loans. So pretty much the opposite of what student finances have told me. I'm also having trouble finding out exactly how much the bursary is, and how much extra I could potentially get as a single parent.

Basically I'm finding it completely impossible to even get a vague idea of what funding I would get and therefore whether or not it's going to be possible for me to do it. Obviously I don't want to go to the time, effort and expense of taking the GAMSAT exam and interviewing for a place to find that I can't then afford to do the course.

Please can anyone help me or point me in the right direction to get advice that makes sense? I'm getting quite frustrated and anxious now as no matter how hard I try I'm not getting any answers that I can trust. Thanks very much in advance!

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Articu Thu 27-Jul-17 01:22:28

Bump for you.

mohuzivajehi Thu 27-Jul-17 01:58:39

Are you doing a course that someone could go onto straight from a-levels or is it a conversion course for people who already have a degree? Will you be awarded a BMed qualification along the way on this course? Normally when doing a second degree you won't get government subsidy or loans for any study at a level lower than or equivalent to a level of qualification you already hold, so as you already have a Bachelor degree you can be funded once you are studying at masters-level and beyond. I don't know if there are exceptions to this in order to help recruit more doctors though.

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