anyone studied architecture part-time / by correspondence?

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warthog Fri 23-Mar-07 10:41:46

i'm mad about architecture, and when the kids are in school i'd like to retrain. has anyone done it part-time or by correspondence? which university did you go to?

i've checked on open university's website but they don't offer it.


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southeastastra Fri 23-Mar-07 19:23:33

it takes about 7 years full time (i think) so you'd be training for ages!

warthog Fri 23-Mar-07 21:45:26

yes, that's a good point. maybe i'll shelve that idea along with my other hairbrained schemes...

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southeastastra Sat 24-Mar-07 12:08:13

how about town planning or somethimg similar. i have no idea how you train for that but i know planners will be in demand

warthog Sat 24-Mar-07 12:19:06

ugh - sorry - not me! my sister is a town planner. or used to be! well i still might do the first part of the architecture course which is a three year degree. gets you a part 1 with riba or some such.

the other option is a maths degree which is probably easier to do part time...

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southeastastra Sat 24-Mar-07 12:34:51

if you can do the architecture part 1 go for it

warthog Sat 24-Mar-07 12:44:13

have you done it sea?

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southeastastra Sat 24-Mar-07 12:47:02

blimey no! just wanted to encourage you.

MintChocChippyMinton Sat 24-Mar-07 13:02:22

friend did it at Oxford Brookes. She got credits for her previous degree (planning ) and did it part-time, they were flexible. Worth ringing up a few places to see what they can do.

warthog Sat 24-Mar-07 13:28:31

thanks sea!

that's good to know mintchoc. i might get a few credits from my degree (although unlikely) but even if it was one credit that i could save doing that would be worth it. how do you know what credits are transferrable?

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MintChocChippyMinton Sat 24-Mar-07 13:33:00

Don't know much about credits i'm afraid. Worth pinpointing a couple of institutions and contacting them? Architecture is a very intensive, hands-on course. When i was at college the architects frequently worked through the night before project presentations and you have to have a thick skin to take all the (constructive) criticism.

warthog Sat 24-Mar-07 13:46:38

it does sound quite tough. i did a music degree so am used to 'constructive, impersonal' criticism. i must admit that working through the night doesn't appeal very much. i mean, that's what babies are for

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archimaker Wed 25-Apr-18 23:19:53

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