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bellalou1234 Wed 26-Apr-17 06:43:34

Does anyone know of any good referencing sites? I used to use ref me but now it charges. Thank you

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ono40 Wed 26-Apr-17 11:10:02

EndNote web is still free and if you are at uni you will be able to buy the full version from the library for about a fiver (did my Masters at UCL and I bought it there)

bellalou1234 Wed 26-Apr-17 21:01:43

Great thank you I'll have look

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glasshouse Wed 26-Apr-17 22:04:28

I use citethisforme, free but you can pay to upgrade. I've not needed to.

YellowPrimula Thu 27-Apr-17 07:35:37

I used RefME and have been using citeitright which you will have been automatically transferred to if you had a refme account.Its ok I will finish my current essay with it but am thinking then of transferring to zotero.

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