Application for OU scaring the living daylights out of me - halp!

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JaneHair Fri 15-Apr-16 20:41:49

The OU is fab for disabled students, including those with mental health issues. There is a really nice unofficial Facebook group for disabled OU students too. Will you be studying it over 6 years? Do let the student support team know about your mh issues as they tend to be more flexible with deadlines. You may also be offered special arrangements with exams. Im an ou literature student and love it!

OohMrDarcy Fri 15-Apr-16 20:34:22

I'm studying with the OU on a computing and IT pathway smile
I also work fulltime and have become a single parent to 2 school aged DC during my studies!

The OU is great and really supportive. Go for it!

Muskey Fri 15-Apr-16 20:13:04

I loved the two OU degrees that I did. The people I met were amazing. You'll be fine. They won't mark your entrance paperwork I promise. If you are really stuck ring the Milton Keynes Campus they are really very helpful. Good Luck

ToastyToasty Fri 15-Apr-16 19:42:23

If you are happy to be open with the OU & tell them what difficulties you experience & how the can impact on your ability to read/concentrate/ manage time etc they will be brilliant e.g. Possible more leeway with extensions, tutor support, they also sometimes provide mental health mentors.
Have a read on this page & click through some of the links. Try a shorter access or introductory course first.
Be brave enough to chat to other students on online forums, they're a great source of support
Good luck! I hope you decide to go for it

NiceCardigan Fri 15-Apr-16 19:32:05

Have you looked in here getyourfiingerout? You might find more help there.

getyourfingeroutyournose Thu 14-Apr-16 21:44:57

Not sure this is the right place to post this but here goes!

I'm applying for a degree with the OU. It's in Computing and IT with a view to become something along the lines of a web developer or similar. I want a career to help us in the future so I can earn enough to help us buy a house, move on to have kids together etc etc.
To avoid drip feeding, I have a 4 year old due to start school this September. OH and I live together with DS. OH is SD to DS and DS bio dad is working in the forces and helps out with money for his DS each month. Rarely sees him due to work and other issues so can't rely on him for childcare really.

I really really really want a degree. I know I can do it and I don't consider myself to be a complete failure intelligence wise (although I'm getting there) but it's hard to keep up with the confidence when I come across battles even with the registration.

I also have some mental health issues. I have GAD (generalise anxiety disorder) and mild depression which had improved with CBT but since stopping that has probably started to go back (although I'm fighting not to go back there).

My main 2 questions regarding all this are:
1) Is there anyone else who is doing OU (any of the courses) with a kid and have found that is does/doesn't work for them? What are your experiences?
2) When I am asked what support I will need for my mental health issues... will I need any? What can the OU do that will help regarding this?
I've chosen the OU because I can start sooner and I wouldn't have to leave the house quite as much if I had to do this at one of the Unis near me. I figured it would take some of the pressure off whilst I am building up my resilience to certain social situations and if I do end up having a breakdown of any sort, it will be far less public.

Any advice please? Many thanks hopeful

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