how did you pay for your masters degree?

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rockinrobintweet Tue 24-Mar-15 20:44:23

I am just about to graduate with a BA Honours and have been looking at applying for my masters in the same field. My university has informed me that there is a discounted price for returning students, and apparently it's cheaper dependent on your graduating grade also.

DH and i are saving up the last few thousand for a mortgage deposit at the moment, however I have his support to do my masters.

I have the money in the bank therefore, but it would take away from months and months of saving for our house.

do people usually pay outright, or are bank loans a common way of payment? I am hesitant of another loan as I don't want it to affect our mortgage offer.

any experiences would be extremely helpful. thanks!

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mooth Tue 24-Mar-15 20:46:27

Paid for mine monthly with the OU monthly payment scheme.

Mitzi50 Tue 24-Mar-15 20:47:40

I've paid in 3 installments - I think you can get a small discount if you pay up front (not sure about this though)

AalyaSecura Tue 24-Mar-15 20:50:10

For my FT masters I had some savings, got a loan, a part time job, and also got some hardship funds. More then 10 years ago though.

Egog Tue 24-Mar-15 20:51:06

My uni have just informed me unofficially to wait a year before starting mine - apparently there's a nationwide loan programme starting in 2016 that will work the same way as the current undergraduate loans system.

I've not researched it myself yet, but could be worth waiting if it means you'd not have to struggle as much financially?

Nolim Tue 24-Mar-15 20:51:59

Teaching assistanship

falltograce Tue 24-Mar-15 21:12:15

We're paying for mine out of general savings. There is a very small discount for paying upfront.

I'm too old for the new student loans - you have to be under 30 - but if you qualify it might be worth waiting for the year. Some institutions are awarding extra grants for those starting this year, probably to prevent too many people delaying. Mine is, but I don't qualify due to the year I started my BA.


rockinrobintweet Tue 24-Mar-15 21:12:36

oh wow thanks Egog.. it wouldn't be a bad idea for me to wait a year, i think i would enjoy and could do with a year out and could do lots of reading and just be a mommy for a while.

thanks for responses. I have been online on my university website and trying to work out time for PhD also. thanks!

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