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Internship in New York

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MillyMollyMama Thu 13-Nov-14 17:54:23

After a huge amount of effort, DD has secured an internship for a term as required by her University degree. But..... It is in New York. Does anyone have any experience of student/intern accommodation in Manhattan? I have no doubt the cost will be high, but any advice gratefully received. This is not an Erasmus type arrangement and everything is down to us to arrange and pay for. However, decent accommodation is important to us. Any ideas and tips?

HocusUcas Thu 13-Nov-14 18:14:16

No experience , but I would think a good place to start would be asking anyone from the year above her on the course how they went about finding accommodation. Also could she have a word with the company / institution she has the internship with and see if they have a notice board / internal magazine where she could ask if someone has a room they could rent to her for that term? Sorry , not particularly incisive but well done to her . It sounds very exciting.

HocusUcas Thu 13-Nov-14 18:16:34

Also , why not a post on the Living Abroad board and see if a NY based MNer has any ideas ?

Not high quality suggestions I am sure but well meant - congratulations to her again.


HocusUcas Thu 13-Nov-14 18:56:28

Actually I do have one more idea (and then I promise I'll leave grin ) .
Some friends of ours occasionally host foreign students. Not sure what their organisation is but if you google host families student New York or similar a few sites come up (an example below)
It might be worth looking through some of those sites - I have no experience myself of using them but I do know that any student who stayed at our friends would be safe and sound and in decent accommodation.
Sorry should have thought of that before


MillyMollyMama Thu 13-Nov-14 21:11:28

Thank you for all your ideas. It is a pretty small company so not sure they have anything. I will get her to ask around the year above though.

UptheChimney Fri 14-Nov-14 08:02:35

oh she'll have a fantastic time. I worked & lived in Manhattan for a year and I still get homesick for it, even though the winter is really tough & the summer horribly hot. But I shared with an American friend - who now has a 3 bed apartment, one room with my name on it! My DS stayed there on his gap year & had an amazing time, he tells me. I don't want to know ... grin

I'd say have a look at Craigslist. It's the way most New Yorkers find apartments or room mates. It can be dodgy, but if she's sensible it would be OK. But she'll need to know which area: "New York" is the 5 boroughs, and not just Manhattan. Manhattan is the "New York" of films etc, but there are cheaper areas to live: bits of Brooklyn (which is lovely) and now Queens is quite trendy. Bits of Brooklyn are almost as expensive as most of Manhattan.

IME, in Manhattan, the studenty area around Columbia past the upper west side may be a good hunting ground, and Harlem is really nice. South Harlem & uptown from there on the east side is cheap, but lots of the projects and no subway (you're stuck with the 6 line down Lexington), but could have cheap possibilities.

Also try AirBnB for a week or so when she first gets there. Then ask colleagues where she's working. TSR might also have some tips.

And there's always the Y uptown, and a couple of cheap downtown hostels. If it's in the summer, then NYU might have dorm accommodation in the Village & towards the lower east side. Ditto Columbia on the upper west side.

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