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Student finance with 3 students

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BackforGood Sun 17-Feb-13 00:57:05

Well, I'm no expert, but my sister was a bit distressed that it's income and not outgoings they seem to take into account ~ her dd1 started 2012 and dd2 will start 2013, so expensive times.
Not sure how that will affect you.

danlolcalsmum Sun 17-Feb-13 00:44:37

I was wondering about student fince and how household income is assessed. I started a degree in September 2012 andI work part time. My son started his degree in 2011 and my daughter will be starting university in September. IMy husband also works full time. Is it total household income that is used in all 3 aplications, or is this reduced . I have completed my online application for next year and it is considerably less than this year. Will that change when my son and daughter apply?

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