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Yet another question for admissions people, pretty please.

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IDK Wed 28-Nov-12 11:48:45

DS is quite bright but didn't do himself justice at GCSE.
Ditto at AS Level
I got him assessed and it turns out that he has a learning difficulty, hence the above.

We are now in Y13, doing UCAS. He will tick the box to say that he has a LD. His Hof6 has said that he will mention it in his reference.

I would like someone to contact the Universities' Admissions to say that DS's results to date shouldn't be fed into a number-crunching formula and that they should be read in the context of his undiagnosed LD. I would also like them to consider making his offer at the lower end of the scale, again because half of the A Level (the AS) was taken with the ULD.

I don't trust the Hof6 to do this - the school have not been very helpful so far - and fear that he will not make the case properly. What is the best way to do this? Can I e-mail, or is that pathetic and DS should do it? Are there any buzz words or key phrases to use - we are new to all this!

IDK Thu 15-Aug-13 10:25:29

DS was down a grade in one subject, but up in another, and was worried about how admissions would see this. Luckily, they still want him so he is off to his first choice.grin
Many thanks to all for your

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