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University admissions please help

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nelsonscolumn Tue 16-Aug-11 11:13:20

Can anyone with experience of university admissions please help? My DD took the International Baccalaureate this year and got 31 points against her predicted score of 38. This means that she has missed her first choice uni (UCL offer 38 point) and is likely to miss her insurance (York 32 points). She was very upset not to make the grades but not surprised as this was the second year of her school doing the IB and other students did not do very well either. On top of that she is now not sure if she wants to study Biology, the subject she applied for. She is insistent that she only wants to go to what she calls a ?good? university. She spoken to a local College and is thinking of doing 3 A levels in a year hoping to get 3 As I order to apply for a ?good? university. Can anyone tell me how this would be viewed by universities?

Changebagsandgladrags Tue 16-Aug-11 16:55:00

Has she contacted the universities (UCL first) to ask if they will accept her?

What is she thinking of changing to?

I was offered a place on Industrial Chemisty when I'd applied for Biology, but I swapped to Maths.

Bluestocking Thu 18-Aug-11 17:53:24

What would she regard as a "good" university? Which league tables is she looking at?

Copper Fri 19-Aug-11 08:48:42

31 is a good mark for IB - 38 is a very high mark, much higher than 3 As. 31 is equal to 413 UCAS points, still more than 3 As.
Can she get on the phone to York and see if they would take her? Because IB students are very motivated, hard working, flexible learners etc. And maybe she can change courses once she is in?

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