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Silver Cross Wave or Pioneer or Mamas & Papas Ocado

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AliceRR Tue 23-Oct-18 21:23:20

I love Silver Cross prams but part of it is the name and the idea of them (I pretty much decided before I’d looked at them that I wanted a SC!). We also have a SC outlet shop near us which is really good and means we can get a bit of a discount if we go for a refurbished or factory secondS

I have heard things like that they’re heavy, take up too much space and the hood isn’t v good.

Also understand the SC car seat isn’t as good as the cybex or maxi cosi altho I know you can mix and match some.

We were thinking of the SC wave as it can be made into a double so that’s an advantage of that one.

I’ve also looked at the Mamas & Papas Ocarro(?) which is actually quite similar. I am a bit attached to the SC already but know that’s silly and want to get the one that’s going to work best for us. The hood is good I’m pretty sure. It’s a one handed fold. There is a factory shop in a nearby city and can obviously look out for deals.

Price isn’t th main thing obviously (therebare cheaper prams!) but might be if I cannot decide between the two.

Any thoughts on either of these? I like them both.

AliceRR Thu 25-Oct-18 21:20:28

Any advice?

Going pram shopping this weekend so might have a better idea then

Mummabear2212 Thu 25-Oct-18 21:24:58

I have the Ocarro. I absolutely love it. The basket is massive! I only played with the silver cross prams in the shop and I found them very heavy.

Jfw82 Thu 25-Oct-18 21:42:03

Have and love the pioneer and have been using it for two years since ds arrived. His sister arrived 2 months ago and he is relegated to a buggy board when she's using it 😥- has they done the wave when we bought i prob would have got as was hoping to have a second BUT instead bought a second hand mountain buggy duet for when out and about with both - prefer that for the two of them as is a side by side. If you can afford it choose what you want for one baby and then consider your options when number 2 is on the way as age difference makes a big diff on what you might want. (Oh and I like the sc car seat)

AliceRR Fri 26-Oct-18 11:23:40

@Mummabear2212 Do you think the ocarro isn’t lighter than the SC? I think they are both heavy but I liked that the occarro is a one handed fold

@Jfw82 I was wondering whether that is the best way to go actually as you don’t know what will end up happening in a year or two. It’s difficult but feel like I can’t go far wrong with any of those - Wave, Pioneer or Ocarro

Mummabear2212 Fri 26-Oct-18 11:44:41

I found it lighter to push. It isn't necessarily to lift etc and the Ocarro (like all metal framed buggies) is heavy in and out the boot, but day to day and up pervs and things (as much as I could recreate in the shop) I found it easier. I ended up having an emergency section and was grateful for that.

Mummabear2212 Fri 26-Oct-18 11:45:26

Kerbs. Up and down KERBS. grin Very clearly not pervs!

AliceRR Fri 26-Oct-18 11:56:01

@Mummabear2212 😂

Mummabear2212 Mon 29-Oct-18 18:53:10

What did you go for in the end @AliceRR

needsanewname Mon 29-Oct-18 19:07:45

I have a Silver Cross (the Wayfarer so slightly different) I don't like it at all, it's big and bulky and hard to get around - especially up kerbs. Also, the car seat is AWFUL, DD seems so uncomfortable in it and would scream when younger, she seems to have got used to it a bit now though - a number of mums at baby group also think the same with their car seats. Newborn's heads aren't very well support in it either.

I also have an Oyster Max2 as a 'spare' pram at our caravan so I don't have to pack it everytime we go - I very much bought it as a cheap pram to have on hand but I absolutely love it. It's compact and so easy to steer - I had to go one handed with it today whilst I carried a huge box in the other hand and it was no problem at all. It also folds down a lot easier and smaller. All these things make a massive difference.

Really have a good go of them all before you buy. I wish I'd had done more than just set my heart on a Silver Cross.

AliceRR Mon 29-Oct-18 20:47:58

Went to SC outlet shop (near my house), Mamas and Papas, mother care and M&P outlet this weekend

Decided I like the SC more of the two altho Ocarro is smaller and more compact and possibly easier to fold!

Don’t want a SC car seat so, after lots of back and forth with Silver Cross / M&P and asking st Mothercare we bought a cybex package at the outlet shop with a newboarn and a 0-4 seat and base. SC shop said it was compatible with SC Pioneer.

I had emailed SC at the weekend when I couldn’t get though by phone and got a reply today. They say cybex is not compatible with any of their travel systems! Not sure what the truth is any more but need to either return the cybex or just make sure we get a pram that is compatible.

But If that means getting the Ocarro we’d have been better off buying it as a package from M&P.

DH and I are very frustrated with it!

needsanewname Mon 29-Oct-18 20:59:28

Can you not get adapters for the cybex car seat that allows it then to fit the Silver Cross pram? I know that I can get them for a maxi cosi car seat that I also have so that it fits the Oyster but I haven't bothered in the end as babies can't be in the car seat for long anyway, although it is useful for very short trips to the shops etc.

I loved the Cybex car seat, I almost got the Ocarro just for that, definitely wish I had now!

AliceRR Mon 29-Oct-18 21:04:12

More than one person has told us it’s the same adaptors for the maxi cosi or the cybex. The woman in Mothercare yesterday said she knows it will fit as it’s the same adaptors, she just didn’t have any to show us. She said she thinks it isn’t tested on the SC and that’s why it’s not listed as compatible. The SC shop also told me today it will fit.

But then SC emailed and said it doesn’t. They actually first said it fits the wave but no the pioneer and then when pushed they said it’s not compatible with either.

It’s very annoying.

AliceRR Mon 05-Nov-18 14:37:59

I have ordered the Silver Cross Pioneer Expedition pram and the Cybex Aton M car seat

Thanks for your help

Snipples Mon 05-Nov-18 15:09:16

I have a silver cross pioneer brompton and I know the maxi cosi car seats are compatible but I hadn't heard that the cybex ones were.

I really love out pram but it is quite big so takes up a lot of boot space. That's ok for us as we have a big car but worth thinking about. The car seat isn't great but we managed ok with it. Our DD is 5 months now and we are using the pushchair bit when out and about but she still fits in bassinet (just).

AliceRR Mon 05-Nov-18 17:49:09

We had conflicting info about the cybex but we took it to the silver cross shop and tried it and satisfied it is ok.

It does seem like a good car seat and the pram is gorgeous. I was initially going to get the Brompton but then decided on this one.

I think they advise the carrycot until 6 months so hopefully baby still fits in at that age!

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