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Mamas and Papas Yoyo Highchair - anyone else had problems?

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cutiepiecupcake Mon 12-Nov-12 21:11:14

We bought a Yoyo highchair from Mamas and Papas late in 2011 as we wanted a chair that would have longevity and which would take our son from babyhood, into being a toddler and then a child. At first we bought one in red but had to return it after three weeks as the birch ply from which it is made was de-laminating and the red paint completely splintering away from the surface. We exchanged it for one in the natural wood and all seemed fine until a few weeks ago when the backrest of the seat came apart from the rest of the chair. The fixings which held it on have broken out of their recesses and the layers of birch ply are splitting apart and de-laminating. I have asked for a refund as I think that the chair obviously has a design/manufacture flaw, that sending replacement parts would not resolve the issue and the item is therefore not fit for purpose. Mamas and Papas customer service however have refused and say they will only provide a part. Very frustrating state of affairs as we would not have bothered buying a more expensive highchair if it was going to only last a year. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

andreakellis21 Wed 23-Oct-13 22:09:49

Hi I bought this highchair probably around a similar time not sure as I cant find reciept. I hadnt really used the chair as we were using the ikea one up till a week ago but as my son is now 3 I decided to start using the Mamas and Papas yoyo in birch but unforunately I discovered all the joints had worked loose so i tightened them up but bar across the bottom that pulls the legs together would not tighten with the screw just moving round and round. I took it apart to find that the inner screw is loose fitting and is just continually moving round as i tighten the screw. I spoke to mamas and papas who no longer make the chair and have no spare parts so i spoke to Very who i bought from who are saying as it is such a long time in buying the chair they cant do anything but my agrument is it is supposed to suit an adult and the has had very little use and is not even suitable for a 3 year old to use never mind an adult! Did anyone manage to get help with the yoyo highchair and does anyone know why mamas and papas stopped making them. Have they been recalled at all?

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