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I am an Usborne Books Organiser and take my Son to work!

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mylittleyellowduck Mon 01-Aug-05 22:04:48

I work private parties along lines of body shop etc.. but you can also sell into schools and libraries earning 24%-28% commission to start. With this government literacy push there are going to be some big budgets for the taking! I have tonnes of leads around oxford area as this area is not really covered. If anyone is interested in joining me Oxford way or UK wide please contact me via this thread or at or my site at

Jimjams Tue 02-Aug-05 11:33:58

this needs to be in ads and paid for

mylittleyellowduck Tue 02-Aug-05 19:13:57

thanks for prompt. Unaware of the paid bit am new to this lark.

Jimjams Tue 02-Aug-05 21:56:29

that's ok- there's 2 sections- one for jobs and one for small businesses- so take your pick! And good luck!

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