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don't make me go

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stacijc Tue 26-Jul-05 09:52:48

Due back at work in just over 2 weeks but, like many MNers i'm prob not the only one!

Its miniumum wage and altho some of the staff are nice the managers are horrible.(i work in retail btw) i worked part time b4 ds2 was born but want to decrease my hours if i have to go back to just one day but i need the money of the 3 days loL!

this has prob been asked a million times but does anyone know of a way i can make money at home? got many bills and much debt

ssd Tue 26-Jul-05 10:06:02

Osbourne books
Ironing service

there will be more but I can't think!

good luck in your choice

ssd xxx

morningpaper Tue 26-Jul-05 10:16:04

Look for alternative part-time work. There is quite a lot around if you have admin skills. If you lack admin skills, get a voluntary job as Secretary for a school or church - you'll get loads of experience in a short period of time and it will really help with job applications. Good luck! xx

mum2mikey Tue 26-Jul-05 20:54:35

i have to work nights at a care home. im a single mum but my ds stays at my boyfriends on nights im working. you get more money for unsociable hours.

Gobbledigook Tue 26-Jul-05 20:57:42

Phoenix cards - my friend has just started doing this and does really well - the cards are lovely so you don't have to 'sell' too hard.

People on MN do it too.

anniebear Fri 29-Jul-05 07:47:36

I have just become an Usborne Organiser

some events you do you may find you can take your children with you (if you wish to!)

Feel free to cat me and I will send you some info

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