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hoping to go back....

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kgc Wed 29-Jun-05 01:23:23

I am hoping to go back to work after work after my 6 week old baby she is my fouth child and really want to get back out there - what do you think....some encourgement would be great.....

kgc Wed 29-Jun-05 01:25:03

have been a stay at home mum for what seems like forever and have typing skills so would love to get out there............

HellyBelly Wed 29-Jun-05 10:24:39

IMO, parents should do what would make them happiest and if that is going back to work then that's what I think you should do. Happy parents make a Happy baby IMO.

Go with your heart! Good luck whatever you decide!

kgc Wed 29-Jun-05 15:21:32

thanks hellybelly

nannynick Wed 29-Jun-05 17:00:27

Quite agree HellyBelly, my view about work is that you should always do something you enjoy.

If having been a SAHM for a while you are not enjoying it, then look at what else you can do to fill your day. Childcare costs can be a pain but you need to look after your best interests as well as your children's and for you to be doing something other then looking after them 24/7, may well be best all round.

SAHP's have many skills which employers may find of interest. With 4 children your organisational skills are bound to be great... you work well under stress... you multi-task... you can quickly adapt to changing needs... you are IT literate (as you are posting on here) etc.

Think about all the skills you have and then find a job which would use many of those skills which you would enjoy.

Personally, I went from doing Sales & Marketing to working with children. I enjoy my job a lot more these days and am far less stressed, just a pity it doesn't pay as well but I cope... money isn't everything.

Good luck, get lots of free advice, plenty out there for parents returning to work.

kgc Wed 29-Jun-05 23:54:25

thanks nannynick for the encouragement.

moondog Wed 29-Jun-05 23:59:07

Go for it.It'll be a break after being home with four kids lol!
I gave up work last April and have been sahm ever since. Doing a bit of freelancing this summer and it is great fun.
I'm ready to think about not spending 24/24 with my darling children!

kgc Thu 30-Jun-05 01:30:45

enough to drive you insane sometimes LOL - defo moondog

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