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How to get into a becoming a HR Assistant, please advice

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godblessmothernature Wed 26-Aug-09 19:09:41

Im very interested in going to college to study for a CIPD course to start as a HR Assistant and qualify to become a HR Manager, is this the best way to start.
What websites should I look at to forward my CV to thank you.

flowerybeanbag Thu 27-Aug-09 09:05:40

IMO the CIPD is best studied 'on the job' as so much of it is workplace based and assignments you will get need ideally to be based on what's happening in your place of work. Similarly a lot of the theory would be a lot more meaningful if you can do it on the job as well.

In terms of my own route in, I was a retail manager, then decided wanted an HR career. One thing lacking from my cv at that time was administrative experience which is obviously important for an HR assistant/administrator, so I spent a year temping in admin jobs, then landed a job as an HR assistant and started my CIPD qualification soon after that. Was promoted to HR officer fairly quickly then moved up through a couple of different jobs to HR Manager, then I stepped off the ladder and now I have my own business as an HR consultant.

Do you have administrative experience? Are you working currently? Is there an HR department at your work where a vacancy might come up?

godblessmothernature Thu 27-Aug-09 14:58:36

Hello Flowerybeanbag, thanks for your advice I do have admin experience but have been out of work from a office for nearly four years as I have had a family. I need to either get into full time work as a Hr Assistant and study through work or college in the evenings.

What do you think?

flowerybeanbag Thu 27-Aug-09 15:10:48

Do some google searching of HR Assistant/Administrator jobs and see what sort of thing people are looking for. Sometimes they want prior experience in HR, but some just want a strong admin background including up to date IT skills and an interest in HR.

Visit recruitment agencies as well to see what's available and what they think. You may find you need to get some more recent admin experience first before you can move into an HR role, or you may be lucky and get an HR role straight-off, it really depends on the local market.

You would have a bit of an advantage looking for HR jobs in the same industry or sector as you have worked in previously, as you would have knowledge and experience of the sector even if you don't have any HR experience, so that could be something to play up if you can.

Once you've got an HR job you may find an employer is willing to sponsor you through your qualification, or you might need to fund it yourself. Mine was fortunately funded, and I was also allowed half-day release to go to college once a week as my course was 2pm - 9pm one day a week.

godblessmothernature Thu 27-Aug-09 16:28:10

I have done some googling under HR Assistant your right most need strong admin skills so I may go back in the evening and do a refresher course on this?.
Been offered a job which fits in with the children today, its not admin etc but I would be able to go back to college evenings and work part time in the day and be able to be with my children term time's.
I cant really afford to go full time as it would be to much for me and to study,I have a daughter who is 18 months and a son 4 years old, he does not start school full time till after christmas childcare would cripple me.
I feel so confused and dont know where to turn what would you do in my situation

flowerybeanbag Fri 28-Aug-09 14:53:59

If the job you've been offered isn't remotely relevant then it won't help you particularly in terms of your long term goal, but whether you accept it or not depends entirely on your personal situation.

As an employer I would rather see recent up to date admin work experience than a refresher admin course on someone's cv, so I would say if you can find an admin post, even if not an HR admin post, that would be good, it doesn't need to be full time. If you did that you could either start your CIPD evenings straightaway, if you are happy to pay for it, or you could do a basic admin post for a few months or so, then once you've got that experience under your belt, look for an HR Assistant job and start your studying then.

godblessmothernature Fri 28-Aug-09 20:48:20

You are so right I have been thinking and I would really like to get back to admin and develop from there this job wont take me in the direction I want if I was to do the other job, I can find the right job in admin and go back to college in the evening's and work towards my CIPD.
I will send all my cv's out to agency's requesting part time work or temp you have been so helpful, thank you so much for your advice and time.

mrshedgehog Fri 28-Aug-09 20:59:29

I did the CIPD full time without a job - (pre children) and although the assignments on the CIPD diploma are easier if you have a job to base them on it is not essential. I used the company I was working part time for - with the help of the HR department and for other assignments contacted local firms some of whom were happy to help.

Sometimes the CIPD has local events which you can use to network or your local college might have contacts.

I tried to get in to HR for quite a while and had to start at the very bottom. Once I had some HR experience moving jobs was not such a problem.

There used to be a Certificate in personnel practice which was an introduction to personnel.

Good luck

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