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Does anyone tutor?

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kazbeth Wed 12-Aug-09 19:39:45

I have been considering what on earth I'm going to do to earn some money having been a stay at home mum for a few years now. I was thinking about tutoring as then at least I could do it at times convenient to me and would be using my brain but don't really know much about it.

Would I need to have a teaching course? (have a maths bsc)


DitaVonCheese Fri 11-Sep-09 21:33:17

Bump - can't help but also want to know!

ilovetochat Fri 11-Sep-09 21:36:21

my dad tutors, he wasnt a teacher, he has a degree and tutors upto gcse level with a tutoring company.
the hours available are normally 4-8pm term time mon - fri and all day weekends. school holidays all day.
imo not great hours if you have school age kids.

clutteredup Sun 20-Sep-09 12:21:47

Hi kazbeth,
I tutor but am a qualified teacher- but I only tutor by word of mouth, friends children, and children at my childrens school etc. I don't know if agebcies insist on QTS but with a Maths degree they would probably take you on. IME people prefer to have someone they know as then it is on a more informal basis as in if its not working for either party then it can stop. I have never worked for an agency so I can be more flexible with my tutees. I tend to do evenings and weekends as then DH is around to keep an eye on the DC - I go to their homes. In the past I have tutored at home when the DC were smaller and in bed as DH was away more. If you do it on your own you can set it up to fit in to your own routine, be a bit more flexible, also you can choose your rates. I keep mine low as IME then you offer value for money and don't put off people who consider it to be too costly. I have been doing it on and off now for 8 years and still charge the same although we have moved from a city to a rural area so I would expect to charge less here.
If you put it about at school that you are tutoring its amazing how much you can pick up, esp Maths as many parents are really lacking in confidence and consider it to be v important - I teach up to GCSE but ATM mostly primary. I've never really got much from advertising. That you have a Maths degree more than qualifies you academically but if you haven't done any teaching you might want to think if you're suited - I'm sure you are - but it's not enough only to do it for the money you have to love the subject and the teaching of it in order to have the patience and understanding to pass on the subject knowledge, and the flexibilty to find a way to get across each topic in a way that suits each individual child.
You will also need to get hold of curriculums - numeracy at KS1 and 2 and the various GCSE - A level syllabus's for what you are tutoring and also its really inportant to ebsure that you support the way Maths is taught in schools as otherwise you can end up confusing them - a good example is how to teach subtraction with borrowing at primary level - it's all available on a huge numer of web sites - BBC bitesize is a good place to start and the and of course the Dcfs and dfes websites.
Sorry quite a lot to take in - I love tutoring and its great to use your brain I get such a buzz out of it I'd do it for free - but don't tell my pupils that!! If its your thing it is a good thing to do to fit round children and not bad money either.
You might need to go through an agency to get a CRB check if you are going to advertise , I do other teaching work so have a regular CRB check , although as I tend to do friends children no one asks to see - it will be an issue if you are advertising more widely. You can't apply for one as an individual you have to do it through an organisation so an agency might be a good starting in that case - they do tend to charge you exorbitant ratsmilees though!
Hope this all helps.

clutteredup Sun 20-Sep-09 12:24:14

Sorry dd2 fell over smiley was supposed to be at the end! grin

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