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Need some advice on childminders asap!

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bambino1 Thu 05-May-05 14:15:10

I am returning to work soon and not sure whether to put baby in nursery or take her to childminder. Which do you think is the best and which is more cost effective?
Please help as I know not much!

horseshoe Thu 05-May-05 15:32:01

Hi Bambino1,

It depends what you feel is best for your child. Some people think that nursery is better as the children quickly grasp the concept of school and so you dont have to go through all of that. They also have routine which a childminder might not.

I personally chose a childminder as I wanted my daughter to have a home environement while she was young with lots of one on one attention. I chose someone who only had my daughter and the other kids went to school.

DD is now 2 and has excelled. She can count to 15, knows all her colours and farmyard animals.

There are downsides though. My daughter started calling my childminder mum when she was very young as she was used to hearing the childminders own kids saying it. My daughter also got used to running to the childminder when falling over and so it hurt a little that she didn't run to me when we were at her house.

I guess it's just what you feel best with. Neither are any more cost effective than the other I dont think. The nursery was more expensive but I pay holidays and food at the childminders so it adds up.

bundle Thu 05-May-05 15:34:53

didn't want to have to rely on one person for care so chose a nursery (local community one, avoided the chains) for both my daughters. it's not the cheapest option but wouldn't have done it any other way.

motherinferior Thu 05-May-05 15:36:07

Look at what is available in your area; make a decision on that basis. Good childcare is amazing, in whichever form it comes - my daughters did splendidly at a childminder, but Bundle's did just as well at a nursery.

Enid Thu 05-May-05 15:37:19

you must go and look at everything that is available. You will 'know' when you get there which one is right for you and your dd.

Katemum Thu 05-May-05 15:38:31

For me a childminder was the cheaper option but it just didn't work out for us so when ds was 2 i swapped to nursery and have been much happier. dd went straight into the same nursery when I returned to work after mat leave. Think you have to start looking at your options, visit some nurserys and childminder. I think you will get a gut feeling as to what would be right for you. Around here though places get filled pretty quickly, you may find your choice is limited.

bundle Thu 05-May-05 15:42:08

you can get a list of childminders from the council, we just went through the yellow pages for nurseries and had prospectuses sent through. have you any local contacts? word of mouth is usually pretty reliable.

muminlondon Thu 05-May-05 16:01:27

My experience is similar to horseshoe's - i.e. a good childminder. Childminders aren't much cheaper than nurseries in my area but an individual can be more flexible about days and start times. You may find your child is ill less frequently in the first year than in a nursery, which means you aren't taking so much time off, but you may need to book your holidays around the school term regardless.

But I know a lot of people with perfectly happy experiences of nurseries. Children can form good bonds with nursery staff too, but you have no control over their employment whereas with a childminder you are contracting directly. On the other hand, the children being looked after also come and go, too.

catgirl Thu 05-May-05 16:08:25

see what is available in your local area - would strongly advise getting something convenient to home. I was keen on a nursery, but nothing local to home or on the way to work, and instead found the most wonderful childminder who I wouldn't swap for the world! Friends wanted a childminder as they felt their ds was too little for a nursery, cm let them down and he now goes to a nursery and loves it!

It is not a competition between nursery and childminders - do what suits your needs, good childcare is good childcare.

Research all your options, speak to everyone, ask daft questions and go with your instinct.

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