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TinkyTaylor Tue 27-Jan-09 19:30:12

I am thinking of doing a bit of home tutoring in the Andover area (I'm a trained primary school teacher)as it would be something I can fit around being a Mum! Do you think it is exceptable to tutor from home with my 1 and half year old at home too? As am having trouble finding childcare for her for just a couple of hours a week. I would drop the rate because of this for parents? Advice please!

LynetteScavo Tue 27-Jan-09 19:33:03

It depends how demanding your DC is.

I found working with DS1 at home very difficult when DD was nearly 2, as she climbed all over me and the table.

TinkyTaylor Tue 27-Jan-09 19:54:29

Thanks for advice. What did you end of doing then? Did you give it up?

LynetteScavo Tue 27-Jan-09 23:30:56

My last post was quite unclear - DS1 wasn't in school, so we were trying to do quite a lot of work at home, but found it very difficult because of DD.

twentypence Tue 27-Jan-09 23:37:36

At 1 and a half - there is no way this would have worked. I did evenings when dh was home to see to ds.

Once he was around 3 I did have him at home sometimes (didn't drop my rate - I was very sought after and people were begging me to increase hours and I said I wouldn't increase his childcare but they were welcome to come when he would be there and they agreed. This was only to people who had another child the same age as ds and so it was like tutoring and a playdate in one).

Once he was 4 I could teach and he would watch a disney movie on TV. I could see him at all times through a glass panel in the door.

Now he's 5 and he just gets on with it. I don't do heaps of hours like this though. This academic year it will only be an hour and a half over 2 days.

So my advice - do evenings once your dh gets home.

TinkyTaylor Wed 28-Jan-09 10:15:28

Yeah I know you're right deep down. Evenings are so precious though!! So looks like childminders here I come!!

twentypence Thu 29-Jan-09 03:48:32

I only do 4 hours over 2 nights when dh is home. I miss a couple of baths and bedtime stories, but dh gets to father ds without me watching all the time. The money I make is not inconsiderable, and I have zero commute. One minute after saying goodbye I'm on the sofa with a drink.

SuperBunny Thu 29-Jan-09 04:00:16

I have a babysitter who watches DS while I go out to tutor. I wouldn't do it with him there - I think it'd be too distractring for all of us.

TinkyTaylor Mon 02-Feb-09 19:13:11

Thanks for all the advice. It's good to hear different view points.

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