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Tempted by vacancy in my old stomping ground. Should I stick to what I know or continue as a SAHM and try to freelance?

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MrsSeanBean Thu 08-Jan-09 11:44:45

I gave up work to be a SAHM after maternity leave and the statutory return period. Have 18mo DS.

I have just seen a job ad in the software development field. I am tempted to go for it, but would also love to continue being a sahm and try to do some freelance writing (legible, not the software kind!) I recognise this would not pay well if at all... but I would be following a dream.

On the other hand, I am very tempted to apply for this job. Obviously we would be a lot better off if I got it. It sounds just right for me, a dream fit and convenient location. It's not just the money that's tempting me. I feel as if I am stagnating a bit, much as I love being with DS.

Don't want part time work, I am an all or nothing person.

Decisions, decisions.


Doodle2U Thu 08-Jan-09 21:40:42

So the job is full-time?

How do you feel about that?

IME, it's

a) worth trying full-time. If you don't like it and you can afford to, quit. Least you've tried it.

b) Apply for the job anyway. You can always turn it down.

MrsSeanBean Thu 08-Jan-09 23:09:30

Yes doodle, good points. The application process would be a useful refresher in itself. It is full time: I do miss the world of work deep down. Never thought I would hear myself say that.

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