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back to work tomorrow. can my boss change my commision structure

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pud1 Sun 19-Oct-08 08:25:10

i am back at work tomorrow and my boss has agreed that i can go back part time. i currently get paid 10% of all sales i make and am worried that my boss i going to try and change this. is he able to or os ot classed as changing my job role. i have not taken any additional matternity leave.

pud1 Sun 19-Oct-08 08:54:56


Hassled Sun 19-Oct-08 09:00:52

If it's 10% of the sales you make, as opposed to 10% of the sales the company makes, then I can't see how he could change it. Say your hours have gone down by 50%; then your likely sales will have gone down by 50% as well. So you'll already be getting 10% of a reduced rate, and there's no justification for reducing it further.

It's not changing your job role but would be changing your terms and conditions, which he'd have to do in writing with some warning etc (bear in mind I'm no expert or anything). There are all sorts of safeguards in place so employers can't randomly decide to reduce holidays etc without consultation, so I'm sure you'd be protected.

Anna8888 Sun 19-Oct-08 09:01:36

What does your contract say? Under what conditions can your commission structure be renegotiated?

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