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any Scottish primary teachers out there? Should I do it?

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kitkat9 Thu 14-Aug-08 15:17:22

Am 35, with dc3 on the way, and currently doing OU to complete my degree.

Have decided I'm interested in qualifying as a teacher post-grad. Probably wouldn't be starting the PGDE until 2010 - perhaps 2009 if I can organise myself.

Is this a good career choice? My mum was a primary teacher many moons ago and hated it, always put me off, but we're very different personalities and I have suddenly realised that just because she hated it, doesn't mean I will too.

I wouldn't be going into this for the holidays, hours etc, as I'm very aware how much more is required than just classroom time. I'm just trying to think of something that will suit me, will fit in with family, and pays a reasonable enough salary. We are a military family and from next year dh will be working away from Mon-Fri, coming home at weekends only. We will be living close to the rest of out family though, in Glasgow.

Any advice/opinions you wise women have for me?

Aimsmum Thu 14-Aug-08 15:47:15

Message withdrawn

kitkat9 Thu 14-Aug-08 15:50:38

that's interseting, thanks. I wouldn't be ultimately applying to Glasgow Council for a job, more likely East Renfrewshire, I wonder what the job situation is there?

Aimsmum Thu 14-Aug-08 15:56:15

Message withdrawn

kitkat9 Thu 14-Aug-08 17:08:38

yes, only primary. teenagers terrify me!

kitkat9 Thu 14-Aug-08 17:08:39

yes, only primary. teenagers terrify me!

seb1 Thu 14-Aug-08 17:28:18

East Ren is the very popular due to good schools, a friend applied for a post in a school there last year there were over 200 applicants.

pointydog Thu 14-Aug-08 17:30:17

The job situation is dire, absolutely dire, for primary (and a lot of secondary too) in all of central belt Scotland and most of the rest of Scotland too. Aberdeenshire seems to be advertise more jobs than other LAs, but I don't expect moving will be an option for you.

Have you got family nearby who would mind your dc? If so, then you should be able to pick up supply work after qualifying without spending a fortune on unnecessary childcare.

If you have time before dc3 is born and if your other two are at school, try to get into classrooms as a parent helper to find out what it involves and if it would suit you.

During my probation year I knew a woman whose husband was away with the army all week. She lived very near her probation school (which was a very lucky fluke), she was well organised and she did manage. Her children were about 11 and 8 though.

pointydog Thu 14-Aug-08 17:30:58

There are between 100 and 200 applicants for just about every primary class teacher job.

Flier Thu 14-Aug-08 17:31:26

There was loads of stuff in the news at the weekend on how there aren't enough teaching jobs in scotland for newly qualified teachers

kitkat9 Thu 14-Aug-08 18:07:08

hmmm...didn't realise the job situation was quite so bad. I may need to rethink. There dosn't seem much point in slogging through the diploma if there's not much chance of a job at the end.

I would also be keen to work in private schools, but I suppose the job situation would be much the same?

Supply is something I would def consider, thou it's not ideal. I had a lovely idea of working in our local (east Ren) school....I've been a sahm for too long! think i'm losing touch with the real world...

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