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Pls Help..juggling 2 jobs+3.5 yr old=nervous breakdown!bit long,sorry

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snowfallinthesahara Thu 10-Jul-08 11:17:11

just really need some advice..dh was made redundant last year and has since been working all hours(16/18 hours a day everyday) trying to set up his own business.
meanwhile,ive been(trying to) keep the bills paid and our heads above water by taking on another job on sunday evenings 6pm to 12 midnight,proofreading.i quite like my day job but the sundays are a diff matter.
i cant do this frm home and i dont drive,so its a q of...
working all week 9-5,sats off,out of the house sundays at 5pm and not back in till 12.30am and out the door again on mondays at 7.30am..i make about £175(it pays our loan payment off) from my sundays,however my boss is making an ISSUE of me having checked my mobile phone twice under the desk and not 'offering' to do a particular task on one occasion,so the atmosphere isnt the best.
but now dh's business is bringing a bit in and shd get better hopefully,so he's asking me to forget the sunday job.and if it comes to it he says he will do sthing to get the extra-but where is the time??

to put it mildly,i think im dying.
evenings and weekends are a blur of bulk cooking,chores,keeping on top of spiralling bills and paperwork.
i hardly get to have a 5 min stress-free conversation with ds and was meant to go back to uni for my msc in nutrition this yr but it doesnt seem very likely now,for this yr anyway..and so its the emotional misery as well.
its causing havoc in our relationship as well...the constant stress.
BUT i still cant decide if i shd listen to dhhand in my notice..i need time to be a mother(to put it mildly),but im terrified with this see-saw money situation;should i take the 'risk' or stay miserable and play safe?

chitchat07 Thu 10-Jul-08 16:54:08

There is really only so long that you can keep yourself under that sort of pressure. Some things to think about before you make your decision:

- Did the issue at your day job happen because of how you reacted due to how tired you were?

- Did you check the mobile phone for messages re your proof reading work, or is this something you normally do?

- Is it worth risking your full time work for a bit of extra money?

In the end, only you know what the best decision will be. I feel for you, I can barely keep up with everything and I only have a fraction of your work load!

snowfallinthesahara Thu 10-Jul-08 21:09:12

hi chitchat,i was checking my phone at the sunday evening was 11 at night and it was some msg by dh i was responding to..its not even a customer-facing job!i can see where the prrofreading supervisor is coming from,but surely a one-off shdnt be Such a big deal?so the atmosphere at the evening place isnt the best atm..
and ure rite,come tuesday,im shattered at my full time job..and thats risk analysis-so i ahve to keep my wits about me!
ive been thinking abt this all day and want to tell them sthing before tommorow,but i am still in two minds!im just worried if ill regret it if dh misses some payments as businesses often do..

snowfallinthesahara Thu 10-Jul-08 21:09:49

oops,typo..i meant

CarGirl Thu 10-Jul-08 21:12:55

If your dh business doesn't work out he may have to bite the bullet and work for someone else or take over the domestic work whilst you increase your hours etc.

I think the job you hate needs to go to save your sanity.

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