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So is Avon worth doing?

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twofishes Thu 04-Oct-07 12:55:40

I work part time at moment ( 3days a week) but could do with a bit of extra cash for Xmas and just generally really!! blush

I have enquired about Avon and the Sales Leader is coming to see me next week , but having read a bit on the net about it am not sure it is worth the time & effort ...also am concerned as they do a credit rating apparently and my rating is not good and don't want to keep racking up stuff on there (refusals etc)

So do any of you do Avon on a door to door basis? we used to have an Avon lady on our street but she has moved away..there are 50 houses on the street but probably only about 20 I would guess would come on all you Avon ladies and men and ex Avon ladies tell me truth..I need to earn at least an extra £40 a month minimum ...

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