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Struggling with return after maternity

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twinboymumma Thu 12-Dec-19 19:46:19

I was told today at my "return to work after maternity" meeting that my role was a full-time role, and therefore I am unable to return part-time. I am unable (and can not afford) to secure full time childcare for my twins and therefore I'm at a stalemate.

I would like to use my brain in some capacity (currently a manager) but would also like to contribute financially to the running of the household if my usual career isn't an option. I guess this is something like Usbourne/BodyShop/etc. Ideally it'd be a job where I can work from home.

What did you do if you didn't return to your usual job after maternity leave? Positive stories from SAHM also very welcomed!

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luckymagnoliatree Fri 13-Dec-19 20:11:40

My work tried to pull this line with me when I returned after DS1 and I refused to go back full time and told them I would have to reconsider my options, luckily this was enough for them to then come back with a part time counter offer - is there any chance your employer might reconsider if you played hard ball?

I have been using Monat products for over a year now, my friend (who is a hairdresser) introduced me to it when I was talking to her about my pp hair woes. The products are amazing, I've had such good results with it & they now have an awesome skincare range too. I joined as a VIP and have recently become a market partner. The company is amazing and their rewards are great too. You can do it from anywhere, all you need is your phone 🙂

We have also recently set up our own company.

I'm due to go back to my day job on Monday, further to my second mat leave, but hoping one day we might be able to afford with both our company and Monat for me to be able to work from home permanently.

twinboymumma Fri 13-Dec-19 22:36:47

@luckymagnoliatree thank you for posting! Was beginning to feel a bit lonely grin I've offered everything - working at home, job share, but they're saying there are no other options. They've let everyone else come back from maternity on a part time basis if they've requested so I'm struggling to see why I can't. I'm tempted to resign because it's causing me so much aggravation but I also want to fight til the end.

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NeedAnExpert Fri 13-Dec-19 22:38:30

They've let everyone else come back from maternity on a part time basis if they've requested so I'm struggling to see why I can't.

They may have reached the limit. What’s the formal business reason they’ve given to refuse it?

luckymagnoliatree Fri 13-Dec-19 23:41:04

@twinboymumma it all sounds very frustrating 😫 when are you due back to return back to work? Do you have much time to decide what might be the best way forward? x

luckymagnoliatree Fri 13-Dec-19 23:47:18

Sorry that was meant to say when are you due to return to work (I need sleep 🙈😴)

My CEO hates part time employees hence his initial refusal when I requested to return part time, but the precedence had been set by my fellow colleagues. Most of them returned to part time after having children, I think that's why I was lucky and he changed his mind... at the end of the day it would have been more aggro for them to have to find a replacement for me who would work full time and train them than allow me to go part time. Can a work place have a limit when it comes to the total number of part time employees? 🤷‍♀️🤔

NeedAnExpert Sat 14-Dec-19 00:13:31

There are 8 reasons an employer can give if refusing a flexible working request (which legally speaking, this is). Part time working often causes a massive headache for employers, so there will usually be a limit as to the proportion.

E.g. I joined a team of 11. All 4 people above me have flexible working in place, which means one of them is off each day and I have to deputise for them. 3 of the 6 staff below me work part time. I have no option to be any thing but full time because the team will collapse if anyone else goes part time!

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