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So nervous for interview

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Rockbottom22 Wed 27-Nov-19 15:19:35

Don't even no why I'm posting this. But here I go I've got an interview in 3 hours and I'm starting to panic.

It's only for a festive contract part time ours in a local shop . But I haven't worked in nearly two years. Last time I had an interview was years before that.

Any tips on how to calm down. Whenever I'm nervous I always end up with a horrible blotchy red rash and my voice goes all wobbly. 😣

I've got my outfit and everything sitting out ready to go but I feel my nerves are going to get the better of me.

Thanks for reading

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Expressedways Wed 27-Nov-19 15:28:10

I had almost 2 years off with DD and my first (and only) interview went really well and it’s over a year later and I’m still with the company. So it can be done! Good luck - I hope you get it!

Rockbottom22 Wed 27-Nov-19 19:31:09

Thank you for your lovely message. I think I did well answered all the questions . Voice was a bit shaky at the start but the couple interviewing me where lovely and made me feel at ease.

They said I will know by the end of the week. So fingers crossed I get it. But either way it was good to get some interview experience.

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Expressedways Wed 27-Nov-19 19:50:46

That sounds really positive, fingers crossed for you!

Rockbottom22 Thu 05-Dec-19 11:49:32

If anyone is still reading . I found out a couple of days after the interview that I had been successful and I was so thrilled.

They said I interviewed great and couldn't wait for me to be part of their team. I was told I would get an email detailing start date etc over the weekend.

So far haven't received anything.😥 What should I do ? Give them a call or email? I now have a really bad feeling that they have changed their minds.

Feeling rubbish now as I have been out of work for so long and really needed this break and now I feel like it's gone and I've got to start looking again 😔.

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Calyx72 Thu 05-Dec-19 11:53:02

Congratulations on the successful interview smile I would give them a call, if you can't face that then definitely email them.

Expressedways Thu 05-Dec-19 14:45:22

Congratulations! I would email or call- it’s probably down to an HR admin person to pull together the offer details and it might have been forgotten about or maybe they’re on holiday... Also do check your junk, that happened to me before as the next steps email was about pre employment screening and came from a 3rd party!

Rockbottom22 Thu 05-Dec-19 15:41:38

Thanks for your replies I've left an email first if no reply will call tomorrow. It is just a small local shop doesn't have HR or anything like that.

Also checked spam etc.

I just have a horrible gut feeling and I'm normally right about these things.

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