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Rachregan27 Sun 10-Nov-19 12:53:50

Hi all mums
I'm just wanting some of your opinions.

I have a 15 month old baby and I have recently gone back to work but I'm finding it as a struggle because my other half is leaving me to do absolutely. I work in the evening and he works through the day I do all the house work which I don't mind if I'm Guna be at home, buts the fact that I set off to drop baby off at 3:30pm then go straight to work but I don't get home until 7:45 my partner expects me to cook meals before I go work ready for when he comes home which I do daily, I get home every evening and he's moaning at me because he's had to bath and dress our son and he's had him for two hours. The reason I've gone back to work is because he's on a low wage and when I ask for money for clothes or extra pair pyjamas or baby biscuits etc he goes metal at me saying he can not afford to give me money all the time but then moans because I go to work and leave him with baby for 2 hours. I've got a contract with nhs I have good hours and good pension but he makes me feel like I'm selfish for providing for my son. I don't no what to do with myself I just feel like quitting my job to keep him quiet.

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Pinkflipflop85 Sun 10-Nov-19 13:08:57

Sounds like you need to quit him, not the relationship.

YouJustDoYou Sun 10-Nov-19 13:10:11

What a pathetic immature sack of shit he is.

theboxfamilytree Sun 10-Nov-19 13:10:31

He won't be quiet if you quit your job, he will find something else to attack you for.

Please don't give up your independence.

Maybe take a look at the Freedom Programme, because he sounds very controlling. You're not here to be his servant and be in a position where you have to be for money. That's not what a normal or healthy relationship looks like.

Louise91417 Sun 10-Nov-19 13:13:42

What a dick..probably feeling insecure that your able provide and are not totally relient on him..dont quit your job and stop preparing his meals for him..he,l not starve😁

Rachregan27 Sun 10-Nov-19 18:06:17

Thank you,
I'm not going to give up my job, I want the best for my baby savings account nice clothes etc he just makes me feel like that just to keep him quiet, I'm just soo bloody stressed and pressure that is put on me is unbelievable and he can't see it. He said he's stressed out l! I personally think shut up it's a couple of hours you have him! Us mums have them 24/7 X

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Rachregan27 Sun 10-Nov-19 18:08:42

He also says that he's doing all this for me! I've said to him no get it right your doing this because it's for your f**king son. Like he's doing me a favour it's ridiculous it's like my sons a burden on him x

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