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Returning to work from maternity?

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singymummy Wed 06-Nov-19 08:00:25


Just looking for some basic advice? Not sure if there is a rule of thumb or legal requirements?

So I'm looking to return to work in May next year.

Before my Mat leave I was able to WFH a few times a week but the days were not fixed and I'm looking to have at least 1 (hoping 2) Wfh days a week.

Depending on if this happens will depend on which childcare I chose for what day. As I have an hour commute to my job and not all childcare providers open early enough/late enough for this.
As childcare will be a mix of grandparents and a nursery/childminder.

Also how long do nursery's or childminders need before they have spaces? I'm going to start looking at places soon but I can't ask for a spot before I know what days I need can I ?

And advice would be greatly appreciated. X

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AmIThough Wed 06-Nov-19 08:04:23

I sorted DD's nursery last week and I go back in February.

They didn't need to know days/times because they know you don't agree these things with your employer until closer to the time.

When you contact them for a visit just make sure they currently have capacity for May. I had to pay a £50 reg fee and they're now holding her place until I confirm days.

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