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morningcuppatea Tue 15-Oct-19 15:02:35

Does anyone have any experience of digital marketing and if it is something worth looking to retrain in as a new career path?

I returned to work as a hospitality and catering manager after mat leave with DS but I'm finding the hours more and more awkward as DS gets older.

I keep trying to think of careers I could retrain in and I just keep coming back to digital marketing. I have a degree in hospitality management from over 10 years ago and lots of hospitality and retail experience including being self employed.

I have seen things like the google digital marketing courses which I'm keen to complete but I worry that it could be an area which is already saturated or where younger, more tech savvy people would have a better advantage.

I'd love to hear anyone's experience or thoughts on it.

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septemberismyfavouritemonth Tue 15-Oct-19 15:29:03

I work in a digital agency in project management and it's a great career with alot of potential. I'm on the old side at 47 but been doing it for 20 years!
If you want truly flexible work then google Digital Mums which is an organisation who train people in social media for flexible careers.
You can work client side, for an agency or self employed/freelance so lots of options.

PurplePuffinPicker Wed 16-Oct-19 15:04:53

Is Digital Mums genuine then? I remember a big ad push on it a few years back but it seemed to be quite a lot of money and some poor reviews.

septemberismyfavouritemonth Wed 16-Oct-19 15:21:15

It's definitely genuine, I'm not sure about reviews but maybe with looking into. Not sure how it compares to just doing courses on Google in terms of getting a job but i believe that DM help get work experience as well as just the training

BillHadersNewWife Thu 17-Oct-19 08:39:42

September could you advise me please? (So sorry OP to piggyback) I'm a copywriter, I've been freelance for ten years whilst my DC were small.

I'd really like a job now but I'm finding a lot of advertisements are asking for copywriters who know all sorts of other stuff which in my mind is more the work of graphic designers. Is this a trend?

And can you please give me some tips? I'm finding it hard to get work. I've had two interviews and both intimated I was the most experienced said "I think the work is too menial for your level of experience." and that was that!

My portfolio is excellent...and I think people think I might be too expensive or over-qualified. Fact is, I just want to write copy and get paid regularly!

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