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Any one changed careers in late 30’s early 40’s? Re trained?

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Lovemusic33 Sun 15-Sep-19 20:34:22

I have already changed career paths once but not particularly enjoying my job at the moment, I only work part time as I am carer to dd(13) who is severely autistic. At the moment I am self employed but my work doesn’t allow me to chose my hours as such, the pay is good and I don’t need to work as many hours leaving me time to care for dd. The job I am in doesn’t really allow for “working my way up” so I’m a bit stuck in a rut and would like to do something different. I love the outdoors, nature, design so I’m thinking of maybe doing a horticulture course and maybe a garden design course. I have had a little look online but can only really find full time college courses and nothing near by, I don’t really know where to look or what courses to look for. I also feel to old to go to college 🤣

Has anyone else changed carers at this age? Am I crazy to even consider it?

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Leapoffaith00 Mon 16-Sep-19 07:27:14

You are definitely not too old. Choose wisely though. I was 38 when I went to university to get my degree. 41 when I finished it. My advice is have a really good think of what you want to do or it could be a waste of time. What is it you do now?

Candle1000 Mon 16-Sep-19 07:30:02

I went to university at 39 , it was hard work , juggling children, home and studying but definitely worth it.

Lovemusic33 Mon 16-Sep-19 10:22:52

Leap at the moment I’m working in mental health, not a area I really planned in working in. Before I had kids I was a chef and worked in some pretty good restaurants but couldn’t continue the hours once kids came a long. I really want to do something with my hands, something that involves being outdoors rather than being stuck indoors doing tons of paperwork. It’s not necessarily about money more about me having a career I enjoy.

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RidgedPerfection Mon 16-Sep-19 17:09:26

I have just changed careers entirely at the age of 42. I feel like I have more working years ahead of me than behind me so it's well worth doing if it will make you happier.

Leapoffaith00 Mon 16-Sep-19 18:34:34

22Lovemusic33 I work in mental health too.
Sounds like a great change. Good luck with what you decide.

needsomeadv Tue 17-Sep-19 19:20:32

@Lovemusic33, would you like to consider an arts or craft course as you mentioned doing things by hand or even something like graphic design. Or advance level baking / dessert making, and become self-employed?

Candle1000, if you don't mind me asking, what did you study at uni?

@RidgedPerfection, what field are you in now?

Reason I am being nosey, I am 42, and want to retrain. I can only apply for 2020 courses now. I want to know what kind of courses or job functions are open to taking candidates from our age group. Thank you.

RidgedPerfection Tue 17-Sep-19 19:30:00

I am now working as police staff in a fairly niche field; I saw the advert by chance one day, had never heard if it and didn't think I had a hope of getting the job (although do have lots of life experience and skills that are transferable / relatable) but gave it a whirl anyway and I love it.

My degree and postgraduate qualifications and the majority of my work experience are in the healthcare arena so this has been a huge leap of faith. I have taken a large drop in pay but the opportunities to progress seem to be there and I am pushing myself to learn as much as I can and perform well.

emmetgirl Tue 17-Sep-19 19:36:33

I've just completely changed careers at 52!

Lovemusic33 Wed 18-Sep-19 16:22:35

needsome I have baking qualifications and did try to set up my own business but there are too many people doing it here. I would like to do something art related, I have done photography courses and could possibly do something with that. I just want a less stressful job doing something I enjoy but I guess that’s what we all would like?

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dimsum123 Wed 18-Sep-19 16:27:58

@emmetgirl can I be nosy and ask what you changed from and to?

I'm 50 and want to change but don't know how or what to do. Just don't want to be in an office anymore in front of a screen.

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