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What is reasonable re return from mat leave?

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Mybobowler Mon 19-Aug-19 17:45:08

Hello - hoping for some advice or experience!

I'm due to return in September from eight months maternity leave. Before finding out I was pregnant, I was miserable in my job and looking for a new one. My manager is absolutely useless and made work unbearable. I was hoping he'd have moved on by the time I returned, but no such luck. Had some issues while pregnant (a whole other thread), and want to make sure I'm not being unreasonable with my expectations for returning.

My role involves frequent but mostly non-essential work trips. Almost always this requires significant extra travel time, so I'd be leaving the house at 6am and returning at 8pm. Would it be unreasonable of me to say that I cannot travel unless I can do so within my usual work hours? DD is still BF and I hope to continue bedtime feeds for at least a couple more months after I go back to work. I am currently the only person able to put her to bed (a work in progress!).

I'm already being asked to attend a team away day before my official return date, which would mean an incredibly long day and missing DD's bedtime. Obviously I dont want to go, but I don't know how to respond! Does anyone have any advice?

I don't want to be unprofessional, but I also know that if I give my manager an inch, he'll be taking a mile before I've even sat back down at my desk.

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Mybobowler Mon 19-Aug-19 17:45:30

There were paragraphs in the original!

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originalpigeon Mon 19-Aug-19 17:47:48

Assuming it's not in your contract to work late, just need to be firm and say no, that won't work for you due to childcare responsibilities. For all they know you are needed to collect your child from nursery every day at 6pm so will need to have left by 5.30 everyday.

Mybobowler Mon 19-Aug-19 19:54:15

@originalpigeon thanks! I was worried that I'd sound like a diva, but put like that and of course it's a perfectly reasonable request.

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blackcat86 Mon 19-Aug-19 19:59:21

Your work need to support you to pump and feed (if you want to pump). Do you have a copy of your return to work policy you could refer back to? I would contact your boss in writing to be clear that you intend to return on x date but will need support to continue breastfeeding including being home for DDs bedtime etc.

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