Is this okay?

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JustAnotherMNUserPassing Wed 12-Jun-19 11:51:08

Hi all,

I got contacted regarding an interview and they want me to come in tomorrow!

The only problem is they've asked me to wear a black T-shirt and black jeans with trainers. The last two are fine but I don't own a plain black T-shirt so I was thinking of wearing a regular black T-shirt with a pattern but inside out. Do you think this would be okay?

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Fatkins Wed 12-Jun-19 14:10:25

Can you ask them? Is it a trial shift somewhere? I've had this and it's so annoying as nowhere wants the same thing! The second time I was asked by a new place to wear black trousers and a black shirt (I only had a black suit and white shirt from previous place), I phoned and explained, giving them options of the two closest outfits I had - navy shirt and navy trousers or the suit. They went with the navy and I did get the job too smile.

macblank Wed 12-Jun-19 18:47:36

Primark, £2.50 to £3.50, grab one on the way.

JustAnotherMNUserPassing Thu 13-Jun-19 15:38:17

Hello, me again!

I just popped by to say they cancelled the interview after a pre screening and I revealed I wouldn't be able to start at 6am because of transport. Oh well, I got offered an interview for a Pharmacy today and I have the right outfit for that interview! Onwards and upwards! smile

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Fatkins Thu 13-Jun-19 15:52:56

Ah that's a shame op. Good luck with the pharmacy!

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