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BlitzenandMikey Wed 17-Apr-19 09:24:12

Hi all
I have posted a few times in the past regarding my dilemma with jobs and retraining.

I am coming to the end of yet another 'funded' post and need to sort my career out once and for all. I am 47 and have two children, 14.5 and 11. I am thinking of retraining as a mental health nurse. If were to gain a place on a course, it would be this September. Has anyone retrained at this age, with a family? How doable is it? I am aware of all the study, travel, placements etc and wonder how I will cope mentally and physically. That said, I am finding it increasingy difficult to find a permanent role which pays a half decent wage, where I am located geographically (Chehire) but am searching in Manchester/Liverpool regularly.

Thanks if you have got this far smile

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