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Recession proof jobs?

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Booksandpens Wed 13-Mar-19 16:48:20

I’ve got another thread going on about working from home, but if that option falls flat, I need to find a job as an employee. I’ve been a SAHM for years now, and my only job experience is in retail, and I’d rather not go back to that (especially as more and more shops are closing).

I may be able to train as something else, but what training would you suggest that is in high demand (I’m not talking degree level as I can’t afford the fees)? Or should I try finding work through a temping agency first?

mrsdaz Wed 13-Mar-19 22:06:29

Lots of mental health issues affecting children and adults. More schools are recruiting pastoral support assistants to help with behaviour and mental illness in schools - if that’s an area of interest there are lots of free courses online if you google free cache level 2 courses.

Booksandpens Thu 14-Mar-19 05:09:03

Thanks! It's not something I'd ever thought about/considered, so I'll check out the courses to see if it's an area I can see myself working in.

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