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Supervision of older children in my home

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Gateau Tue 12-Feb-19 12:16:37

Some advice needed please. There is a strong chance of me getting a new job which will entail me working mornings. Fine during term-time, but the holidays will be the bugbear. It will only be a few hours, but I could do with someone coming into the home and just supervising them really, as they are at the age - 12 and 9 - where they do their own thing and just need someone there to make sure they are okay. I don;t want to be paying out for clubs as most of them are all day and I will be home at lunchtime.
Has anyone any ideas where I could get someone to help and what sort of cost I would be looking? It's not a fully fledged childminder I need, just a 'supervisor' really. Thanks.

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MergeDragons Tue 12-Feb-19 12:18:12

A student would probably be your best bet. I found a job like that on

Gateau Tue 12-Feb-19 12:20:36

Thank you MergeDragons. I will have a look there.

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