Feeling unemployable right now. Need advice.

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AleFailTrail Sun 06-Jan-19 20:06:11

So, in November 2016, after a month back PT after a year off with MH issues work made me redundant. Just like that. No indication it would happen since they took on 4 temp workers to cover for me. Just two weeks before my house had been destroyed in an incident so I was already low. I had worked there since I was in University so had no other employer. It was a specialist role as a Curator and exhibition designer (but I was rarely able to do that, being dumped with 1000 other duties) as that was my training. My degree is in History with a FD in museum management.

Now, 14 months of applying for work both inside and outside my field I’m feeling utterly unemployable. My doctor has told me to not go near public facing work like retail due to my anxiety. I have over 10 years of the office work behind me but nobody seems to want to know. I’m fast running out of money (JSA not covering bills etc I have or cost of temporary accommodation whilst my home is still being fixed) and have no idea what to do about it. Not working is making my depression a lot worse than it was.

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BevFromLPHR Fri 11-Jan-19 17:06:52

This is exactly the work we do to support people like you. We are a social enterprise and have a fund for people in your situation. I'm not sure how to offer you support on here without posting links or looking as though we're advertising.

More than happy to help though if you're interested.

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