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Anyone gone from being staff nurse to HCA??

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spacefacexxx Sat 05-Jan-19 08:09:51

I'm currently a staff nurse and been qualified for 3 years and I absolutely hate it. The only time of day I actually enjoy is when I can actually spend time with my patients, like when I'm helping them get washed and dressed. I love that part then the rest of my day seems filled with endless documentation. I also hate it the stress of being a staff nurse and it's starting to impact my mental health, the worry and anxiety is just unbearable. I just think I'd be more suited to a role as HCA and having spoken to my colleagues I've found that there really isn't that much of a difference in pay. So my question is how does it all work? Has anyone had any experience in doing so? Do I just have no let my pin lapse before I can even apply for a role as HCA? Do you think employers would be put off hiring me because I hypothetically quit nursing?

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DeadCertain Sun 06-Jan-19 16:21:06

I left nursing after 16 years where I was working at management level with a great deal of responsibility. A few years later I applied for quite a few care roles and HCA roles and only got two interviews; the overwhelming response if I asked for feedback on my CV etc was that I was over qualified. I didn't get any of them (and have been offered other non - healthcare related roles so don't think it was me being appalling at CV writing, applications and interviews). That said the HCA that took my blood at my GP surgery said that she had been a RN years ago.

I think that I'd explore other options such as hospice or rehabilitation type roles in your position but as a qualified nurse.

lljkk Sun 06-Jan-19 16:27:30

I know someone who is transitioning from being a lecturer in health sciences (15 yrs experience) to being an HCA. She loves being an HCA for all reasons OP gave. Did the 3 day training, then moved to working supply (irregular shifts). Says that nobody gives a damn what anyone else's background is. Working FT would be hard, though, fairly physically demanding.

A gal I know who starts nursing degree starting this autumn is also working shifts/supply HCA. She gets assigned to a much bigger variety of wards that way. I've heard of medical students doing same.

GirlGang89 Sun 10-Mar-19 22:28:40

Have you thought about changing jobs instead of quitting nursing all together? I work in the community and although super busy, we get our own lists and prioritise and plan our days ourselves. I feel we get to spend much more time with patients compared to a ward - you can chat about a lot with someone in an hour it takes to do bilateral compression smile still lots of documentation on the computer but.. whilst your in the patients homes there isn’t any other staff or patients there pulling you to something else, or another buzzer going off etc.. xx

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