8 hour days ?

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toocool4cats Fri 31-Aug-18 08:42:19

I currently work an 8 hour day, 5 days a week and was wondering how many workers still actually do those hours these days ?

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Strawberrylaceaddict Fri 31-Aug-18 08:49:32

I am contracted to work 7 and I take half my lunch break at the end of the day so I can do the school pick up, however at my place, we do a 35 hour as full time hours.

evilharpy Fri 31-Aug-18 08:57:40

I work a 35 hour week. I've never worked a 40 hour week in an office job.

My husband used to work a 37 1/2 hour week which was 9am to 5:30pm.

Namechange8471 Fri 31-Aug-18 08:58:48

I work 14 hour shifts 8am-10pm.

I'd do anything for 8 hours!

Aw12345 Fri 31-Aug-18 09:00:34

I do 4 X 11 hour shifts, works great for me because then I get a day off in the week.

bigsunflower Fri 31-Aug-18 09:01:45

7.5 hrs for me 8 in total but 30 min lunch break over 5 days (every weekend sad)

pitterpatterrain Fri 31-Aug-18 09:02:35

Mine is officially an 8 hour day x5 although 50-55 hours per week is more what actually happens

GissASquizz Fri 31-Aug-18 09:03:05

38hrs is full time at my place.

n0ne Fri 31-Aug-18 10:40:14

I work 8-hour days, but 4 days a week. 8.5 hours in the office with half an hour for lunch. I thought that was normal? Every job I've ever had (for 20 years!) was 7.5 or 8 working hours.

Lazypuppy Fri 31-Aug-18 14:58:11

I now work 8hrs with a 30min break but used to wotk 9hrs with a 1hour break

Shampoo0 Sat 01-Sep-18 10:56:30

I thought it is common? My previous position was 8 hours a day with 30 mins unpaid lunch so 8.5 hrs a day literally. Current one is 7.5hrs a day with 1 hr unpaid lunch so I am still at work for 8.5 hrs a day.

My old job before children was 8 hrs paid and 1 hr lunch unpaid, so 9 hours at work. With 2 hours a day travel and nursery drop off and pick up on top was just unbearable.

Shampoo0 Sat 01-Sep-18 10:59:12

I mean before became sahm.

MysteriousQuinn Sat 01-Sep-18 11:00:05

Me and DH work in a restaurant, 8 hours is considered to be a short shift.

OrcinusOrca Sat 01-Sep-18 11:29:55

7.5 hours a day with half hour unpaid lunch on top.

I'm quite lucky in that both this and my last role are flexible with start times so I can rock up at 8 or at 9 and no one asks any questions. They wouldn't be thrilled if I bailed before 4pm regularly I don't think just in terms of core business, but I work from home a day a week and am trusted to get on with my role which is good. Makes the daily grind a bit easier.

alardi Sat 01-Sep-18 11:33:34

Flexi, so anywhere from 5.5-9.9 hrs/day. If it's about time to go home & I've done at least 7 hrs then my conscience is good. We don't have an official target # of hours, btw, which is absurd, but a lot of people assume 7.5 is the target. Only junior people or PTimers work as little as that.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sat 01-Sep-18 11:35:20

8.30 to 5.00, with a one hour lunch break.

toocool4cats Sun 02-Sep-18 18:36:18

Thanks for your replies, interesting that most of you take 30 minutes for lunch instead of the hour.

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EllenJanesthickerknickers Sun 02-Sep-18 18:40:04

37 hour week ATM, 1/2 hour unpaid lunch.

In the past in a few different factories 39 hour week was standard, 1/2 hour lunch unpaid, finish 1 hour early on Friday.

nannynick Sun 02-Sep-18 18:45:21

Not sure when I last worked an 8 hour day. In an office job I do 8.5 hours with a 30 minute lunch break (so 9 hours inc. break). My other work is 11 hours and another one is 10 hours - neither of those officially has a break (can't leave children home alone) but that's normal in my line of work.
I think it depends on the type of work... 8 hours is a short shift for many I expect these days.

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