Never ever had an official interview and now I need to do a recorded question interview online! Help!

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ColinsVeryJolly Mon 04-Jun-18 16:22:46

I’ve only ever had 2 jobs, with both of them I had a very casual ‘when can you start?’ type interview. Luckily my second job (in retail) has grown and progressed without any interviews needed but now I’m ready to take the next step and have applied for a job in a massive supermarket which I think (hope) suits my skills in customer service and retail team leadership.

I have been shortlisted and asked to complete a recorded interview on my computer or phone and I’m petrified!

What on earth do I say or do?! I’ve zero interview experience so don’t know what sort of thing they’ll be wanting me to answer.

Is there anywhere online I can find out the sort of questions I’ll be asked?

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